How Much Is Your Free Time Worth?

Braveheart Freedom

If you’re working, you know how much you make per hour, but do you know how much your free time is worth?

Since time is the most important currency, you need to factor this into your decision making. If you know how much your free time is worth: it will help you decide to skip an activity, pay someone else to help or complete it yourself. Find out the value of your free time here.

Based on that number, how does that influence your decision making moving forward? Controlling my free time is immensely important to me, that’s why I want to help you get your freedom back during this 8-week online bootcamp geared towards achieving work life balance. Join us because can you really put a price time on the investment in your personal freedom?¬†Yes.

Are You Really Rich?


Time, not money, has become the most valuable currency. As professionals we spend a third of our waking hours at work. There’s nothing wrong with being career driven, but if you don’t value personal time at an early age, once you starting thinking about dating, marriage or starting a family it may be too late.

Think about it. You don’t look back on your life and say, “I wish I had more money.” You wish you had more time to spend it with your loved ones. That’s why time management is so important. You work hard, so you can play hard. Freedom and flexibility of schedule is what matters. Aim to be “rich in time” and through this 8-week online course I’ll help you do that!