Technology In Balance: How To Keep Your Business Human-Centered

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It is common in business these days to decry the impact of technology. We’re told that it takes away the personal touch, and that it is off-putting to customers who face an ever-decreasing chance to speak to “a real person”. There are, it’s true, plenty of ways in which an increasingly digital age can leave the customer feeling alienated – but if we look deeper, it’s not technology that’s at fault there; it’s got more to do with the cost-saving drive to automation meaning that workforces can be smaller and work more impersonal.

So, what if you are a business that wants to make the best use of technology and retain both the worker-centered ethos of its past as well as a customer-friendly face? Can you have the best of both worlds, embracing progress while staying true to traditional values? You can; but you need to ensure a balance by keeping the following in mind…

Technology can be molded to your needs

Anyone who has looked into the opportunities offered by automation and technology will know perfectly well exactly how much can be done by “machines”. They can make calls, take calls, write letters, reply to live chat messages, keep a count of stock, and much more besides. At some point in the future, it will be possible for every single thing in a business to be done by robots – but it won’t have to be, and that’s the key point. Use technology to make things easier, by all means – but just because a computer program can do something, that doesn’t mean it has to.

The “Goldilocks” principle

If everything in a business had to be done by hand, it would take forever and customers would end up getting frustrated. If everything was instead done by automated machines, that could still be frustrating for any customer who had the kind of specific enquiry that required outside-the-box thinking. Many businesses find that technology is best applied to the “big” stuff like monitoring sites, and you can click here to see how that works in oil fields as an example. This division of labour allows more people to be assigned to key customer-assisting duties, where a human brain is essential and where empathy can be a huge boon. 

People can work without tech, not vice versa

A boss can easily be tempted to replace more jobs in their business with automatons; machines won’t query their orders, don’t need breaks and can’t turn up late. There is, however, a very clear failing that tech can’t escape. Let’s sum it up in this way: if a human worker is not performing, a machine can’t take a look at them and get them working better, like human IT staff can help with a failing machine. In other words, humans are essential to a business, so your working practices should always be designed with your human workers in mind. Remember, your customers are also human – your business should reflect that.

Tech will continue to be influential on business, and its hold is set to grow in times to come. That’s not a bad thing, as long as you recognize the importance of keeping the right balance between people and machines in your business.

How Changing Up Your Departments Can Boost Your Business

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In the world of business, it can often seem like you are trying to traverse a minefield with very large shoes. It is often difficult to know where to place your foot next, and you can guarantee that should you make one wrong move, disaster will strike.

In today’s post, we are going to be looking at how you can make a few changes in the departments you keep in house that can really make a world of difference to your business. While some of our suggestions may seem extreme, they can; in fact, be some of the most beneficial things you can ever do.

Why You Will Need To Make Changes

If there is one thing that is a guarantee when it comes to your business, it’s that you will need to make some changes every now and then if you want to see some serious growth. You need to remember that every year your business is in operation, there will be others coming along and doing what you do, only better.

If you want to stay ahead of these other businesses, then you are going to need to sit down every now and then and decide what changes you are going to make to your business that will ensure that you can keep on growing at a steady rate.


There are some departments in your company that you may just be costing you more than you know. While there are many companies out there with an accounting or IT department in house, they do not realize that these departments may actually be better suited should they be tendered to an external company.

Many people now will be asking why they should even consider this. Well, for example, consider the yearly cost of your IT department, tendering out to a company like Everett network management removes the cost, hassle, and you also get certain guarantees that you just don’t get with your in house team.

It may not seem ideal at first, but once you sit down and really weigh up the pros and cons, you may find that it’s one of the best things you can do for your business.


If there is one thing that cripples businesses all over the world, it is having to pay a team money that isn’t there to generate it. One of the most prominent of these teams is generally customer service. 

Luckily enough the modern world has now given us a ton of options when it comes to automation that will allow you to remove the majority of the menial tasks from your customer service team and thus allow you to place them onto other tasks that may be able to generate you more income for your business.

This alone is one of the best and most popular solutions among businesses all over the world, so we suggest that if you are going to start somewhere, this should be it.