These 3 Tactics Will Help You Transform Your Conversion Rates

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If you’re unaware of what a conversion rate is, then you already have some catching up to do. In a world that’s dominated by the obsession of gaining web traffic, conversion rates refer to the proportion of said traffic that goes on to complete an action on your website. For example, how many people visiting your site will actually buy something?

As you can imagine, the better the conversion rate, the more sales and customers your business will see. So, how do you improve a poor conversion rate? There are loads of ideas, but these three tactics are the best ones to use:

A/B testing

In the conversion rate world, testing is a fundamental part of improving your site to the point where your rate is through the roof. The idea here is straightforward; you have a web page, and you test the conversion rate. Then, you make a change to the page, and test again – and so on. The aim is to see which changes are leading to the best conversion rate. After which, you can redesign the web page with the changes included, which will elicit more success and more sales.

Heat mapping

Heat mapping is something you’re probably not aware of unless you’re a bit of a website nerd. In simple terms, it’s a way of showing you how customers interact with your site. As you can see on, many companies offer this as an extra service in a digital marketing package. It literally gives you a heat map view of your website to show you where everyone is clicking. By seeing this, it lets you figure out the path most people take when they convert into customers or complete an action. Therefore, you will notice patterns that tell you which specific elements of your site are leading to the best conversion rates. So, you can focus on highlighting these areas even more, giving your rate a boost.

Customer surveys

Finally, the best way to help figure out what makes someone convert into a customer is by asking an actual customer. Send out emails to existing customers asking them about your website/business. The questions should be focused around what made them become a customer, how they found your site, what they liked about your website, and so on. By collecting the data, you’ll see patterns emerge. It could show that the majority of your customers found your site by an online ad which took them to a dedicated landing page. In which case, you know to invest heavily in more online ads. The point is; you see what made people convert from traffic to customers, and can use this information to create more conversions.

Some people may argue you need more than just three tactics is you want to improve your conversion rates. However, I think these three things are all you really need. They help you figure out what’s making people convert so you can use your findings to alter your site and digital marketing approach.