How Much Is Cybercrime Going To Cost Your Business?

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One of the biggest threats to businesses is cybercrime. Every minute, $2.9 million is lost across the world due to cybercrime. 

Every year, figures rise. 

But if you’re not making cybercrime protection a priority in your business, then you are sleepwalking into some worrying situations. 

Every day your business will come under attack. Whether that is through attempted brute force attacks, phishing attempts, or ransomware, you need to be aware of the threats and protect yourself. 

How much is cybercrime going to cost your business? 

Let’s discuss how you can invest in making sure it doesn’t cost you anything at all. 

Bring in an IT Services Company 

If you’re not sure what you are looking for when it comes to identifying weaknesses in your systems, then it could spell disaster

The best thing that any business can do is to bring in the services of a specialist IT managed service provider. 

An example can be found at Your systems will be watched 24/7. If there are any signs of vulnerability within your infrastructure, your managed service provider will fix the problem. 

There are many managed service providers who will help you with specific concerns relating to your sector. For example, in the healthcare sector, HIPAA compliance is essential, but having an IT services provider who understands the regulations and threats will be very useful. 

Know the Enemy 

What do the cybercriminals want from you? Do you have a big database full of customer email addresses and passwords? Do you hold customer’s bank details, social security details, date-of-birth, or address details on file? Or, are you a major company that might have a lot of money in the bank?

Cybercriminals will target your business to either steal any personal data you have on file or to exploit your business financially. 

Understand how much of a threat businesses in your sector face. 

Carry Our Audits

Get into the routine of going through your entire company and analyzing how you use your IT systems. 

Look for how your team interacts with your systems. Are they taking care not to expose their passwords? Are passwords changed on a regular basis? 

Look at former employees that had system access. Have they had their accounts terminated? 

Team Training 

Very often, cybercriminals find success because they manage to easily steal valuable login details from employees. 

An email from a recognizable brand name asking your employee to go and log into their account will often prompt them to do this. But phishing scams use fake websites to acquire login credentials. 

Once a cybercriminal has your employee’s login details, they can just walk straight into your system through the front door. There will be no alarm bells going off because the system will just show a legitimate login. 

Investing in team training on cybersecurity is vital. Make sure that all of your employees are aware of how phishing scams and ransomware work. Reiterate these messages on a regular basis.

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