4 Ways To Get High Quality Customer Feedback

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Brands should never underestimate the power of customer feedback. Whether positive or negative, companies can use this valuable data to improve their services and marketing in the long run. Consumers will often check out company reviews before committing to buy; with this in mind, great customer reviews are vital to success. It can be useful to offer customers incentives to provide feedback. Beyond this, try out these four methods.

1 . Live chat

If you don’t already have a live chat feature on your site, there are plenty of benefits to changing that. First off, many customers prefer communicating via instant messaging as opposed to a phone call. Live chat is quicker, and there’s no need to wait on hold. Secondly, chatbots can be programmed to deal with a huge range of queries. The AI technology involved is designed to closely resemble human interaction. Live chat is fully scalable because the software can serve a huge number of customers at the same time. Due to this, you remove pressure on your customer service staff. You can program a feedback request that pops up when the chat session is coming to an end.

2 . NPS Surveys

A Net Promoter Score Survey asks customers just one question to determine how satisfied they are with your company. The question is usually, ‘how likely are you to recommend (brand name) to a friend?’ Users are given the opportunity to answer this question on a scale of 0-10. NPS is based on the idea that the ultimate test of consumer satisfaction lies in this question. The concept behind NPS software is that consumers do not like to fill in long feedback surveys, and in fact, they are often unwilling. Consumers will more readily answer one question, providing you with a satisfaction score that tells you all that you need to know.

3. QR Code

QR codes are cropping up everywhere in marketing campaigns these days. There are codes to access product info, codes for instant checkout options, or those brand-themed music playlists. You can also use QR codes as a way to ask for customer reviews. Customers enjoy the unique experience of scanning a code via their phones to access a feedback application. It’s also quick and easy, and these are the feedback methods that tend to be the most effective. It all revolves around the issue of time, as many people are too busy to engage themselves in a lengthy feedback process. Sites like Flowcode offer some great solutions for creating QR code, plus tracking associated data.

4. Social Media

Customers love to talk about brands on social media, so if you monitor all of your mentions, you’ll be sure to gain some top insights. Remember that all feedback requires a response, whether positive or negative. When you take the time to engage with your customers in this way, you’ll be presenting yourself as a trustworthy brand offering a quality service. The more that you engage with your consumers on social media, the more likely you are to improve your online presence.

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