Tips To Help Grow Your Mailing List

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Your mailing list is more important than you think. It can help engage your current customers and help provide a loyal fan base for your business if done effectively. Here are some tips that can help grow your mailing list.

Create Clickable Email Subjects

When you’re trying to grow your mailing list, the best way of doing it is by focusing on your current subscribers. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for advertising once you’ve mastered it, so think about clickable email subjects that are going to entice your current subscribers to take a look. You also have the ability to share your mailing list email so that they can forward it on to friends or those they may feel will benefit from your content or services. Make the email subject something that might ask a question or make a statement that can only be answered by them clicking through to the email. You want to aim to get as many of your subscribers opening up their emails as possible. Automating your emails to subscribers is good to do, too, in order to save time, so make sure you’re using an email automation platform.

Offer Freebies

Freebies are something everyone loves, so why wouldn’t you want to use this to engage people to sign up? Whether you promote this through your own website or via your social media platforms, give them something that they want. Perhaps it’s a certain percentage off their first purchase or free downloadables that can help them with whatever service you provide. No one can deny something that can give them what they might need or want for less, and you’ll find very little who’ll ignore the chance of getting something for free. Use this tactic where you can and wherever it’s possible to promote or advertise.

Make It Personal

Mailing lists can often contain a large number of people, and so the thought of creating a personal email to each and everyone would be too much work. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it personal at all. Simply by adding their name into your email automating service can help them to feel a little more included within the company, rather than using a formal greeting or just ‘hello’. Try to be personable where you can because this small change can end up being the difference between them staying on your list or clicking unsubscribe.

Connect To Your Social Media

There are plenty of ways to help promote your mailing list, so why not connect your social media? You can use it within the email to existing users in order to help promote it, and there are also ways of advertising your mailing list on your platforms too. Use the bio in your profiles or ask them to sign up through tweets or posts. 

Growing your mailing list is essential to furthering the success of your business. Look at ways to help develop your mailing list and to make it better. If you’re not doing any of the above, now’s the time to change that.

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