6 Ways To Look After Your Employees In The Workplace

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If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that your team are the cogs that keep your business turning. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to get almost anything done, and sometimes, your employees contribute great ideas to help to move your business forward. In short, it’s pretty important that they’re there, and even more important that you look after their health and happiness in the workplace.

But what should you do to ensure that your team are feeling at their best? We’ve noted down 5 ideas here, for those looking to make a difference.

#1: Be approachable

The first thing that you can do, and arguably the most important, is to ensure that you’re an approachable boss. Your team should know that if they have any issues, they can bring them to you directly without worrying about any potential repercussions. Ensure that you’re consistent in the way that you act, and that they can roughly predict how you’re going to react to their worries. Be considerate!

#2: Encourage breaks

For a lot of workers, the idea of a lunch break is long gone into the distant past. Many people are simply too stressed to take a break, and believe that working through their lunch will allow them to get back on top of their work. This is something that you should discourage as a boss; taking regular breaks is good for your teams productivity, and it means that they can come back to work ready to go.

#3: Don’t disregard physical health

Whether you and your team work in an office or elsewhere, physical health is also an important thing to consider. Sitting at a desk all day without the right support could lead to a whole host of health issues, from stress to musculoskeletal disorders. Look into ergonomic DSE training by EssentialSkillz if you want to ensure that you’re protecting the health of your team, whilst encouraging productivity.

#4: Opt for chill-out Fridays

Many offices now have some kind of policy for a more relaxed day at the end of the week, whether it’s a dress down Friday or after work drinks. Whilst you shouldn’t be aiming to take over your teams social lives, you should be making an effort to reward them for their work, and this is also a great way to promote stronger relationships in the workplace. Think about what you can do here!

#5: Be personal

At the end of the day, your employees are human beings, just like you are. Attempting to relate to them on a personal level is key; show some interest in their lives, and don’t just dismiss their needs and feelings within the workplace. Think about how you would want to be treated if you were in their position, and be sure to help them if you see that they are struggling. Outside of the office, we all have our lives!

Good luck making your office a great place for your employees, and benefiting as a business as a result.

#6 Employee Welfare

Looking after a group of employees is never easy, but it can have a dramatic impact on your productivity when you master this art. Small businesses can often struggle to meet the needs of their team. Without the resources to make investments or big changes to your business, you’re going to need some extra help along the way. Options like MEWA insurance give you the chance to pool your resources with other businesses, making it much easier to give your team what they need.

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