Why Co-Locate Your Data Center?

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Co-location data centers are becoming a popular choice for many. This type of data centre is one where the resources are shared. These resources encompass anything from bandwidth to rack space. In most instances, there will be a dedicated host who administers the data center. If you wish to use it then you will rent the rack space for a certain price. There are many benefits associated with co-locating your data center, this is especially the case for small to medium businesses whereby they have IT requirements yet they do not need a full data centre themselves. Let’s delve a little bit deeper into the compelling reasons why businesses should consider co-locating…

Reduced costs

The main reason why people opt for co-located data centers is that it is a lot cheaper. The data centre will already be up and running. You don’t need to worry about the design and build process, which in turn means you don’t need to concern yourself with any start-up fees. In addition to this, it is also worth bearing in mind the fact that you only pay for what you use. Because the bandwidth is shared the cost of this will be a lot lower than it would be if you had your own data centre. Managed service providers, like https://www.uswired.com/, also provide a viable solution for managing IT and reducing costs, so it is worth comparing both to see which is best for you.

Monitoring and maintenance

One of the great things about co-location data centers for businesses is the fact that your servers will be monitored on a full-time basis. The majority of co-located centers have professional IT experts on hand in order to check over the data centre and ensure everything is running smoothly. This means you need not concern yourself with maintenance because the professional in question will note if any problem has arisen and they will be likely to report this and deal with the issue. This again can be more cost-effective because it means you need not pay for someone to take this role.


Having your data center housed at an outside location is highly beneficial, especially if you are going to embark on any structural changes or move premises in the future. You won’t have to spend money, resources, and time on moving all of your servers. Head to https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/How+to+Move+All+cPanel+Accounts+from+One+Server+to+Another for more details on this. All you need to concern yourself with is any reconnection and this is something that is very easy to sort out.

Greater productivity

You will reap the gains of greater productivity because your IT staff will be able to focus on your company’s tasks at hand rather than the maintenance of the data centre. If you had your own data centre then a lot of time would be spent on ensuring this was running optimally day to day. This may even result in you needing an extra employee. This ensures that you are reaching optimum levels of productivity because your company is focused on their profit orientated goals.

Failure protection

And last but not least it is also worth considering the fact that you will better equipped should the unfortunate instance happen whereby an outage occurs. When you pay your fee for co-location some of this will be used in order to ensure that there is a substantial back up plan in place, including generators and different supplies. Of course, if you had your own data centre this is something you could do as well. Nevertheless, because the costs are being shared you are likely to benefit from a much stronger, secure and more robust failure protection system.

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