Why Your Business Should Have A Backup Server

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Data is worth its weight in gold. If you have been around in the world of business long enough you’ll know that once customer trust is broken there is very little chance of getting it back. You should guard data like you would a block of gold bullion. Without data businesses simply cannot function. Where do you store all the names, accounts, addresses and interests of your consumers? If you don’t do any of these things, you are simply talking to a wall. Building up consumer profiles and storing all your projects has to be done via a server. The data that you have worked so hard for has to be thoroughly secure and never in doubt. Although modern systems are very secure, it’s always better safe than sorry than to have a backup server just in case.

Doubling up is safer

Are you going to store just one version of your customer profile? Having just one copy of your data is completely reckless. It just doesn’t make sense to have your business hinging on just on server and one copy of everything you have worked for. Doubling up is the sensible option but you have to do it on another server. Say for example you double up and have two profiles that are the same. That’s good practice but what if the server that those two are stored on is hacked? Doesn’t matter if you have two if they are both in the same boat. This is when another server comes handy, so you can double your data and make it count.

You have an archive

The main server is accessed and used all the time. It’s the main access point and storage unit for all your daily tasks. Customers might be making orders and changing them all the time too, so you need to store the different stages of each action. A backup server can act like your archive. A client might want to revert back to an original setting but if you don’t have a log of what changed and needs to be changed back, you cannot fulfill this task for them. A backup server can store additional data such as preferences, old contact details, and previous purchasing habits. Talk to an IT consultant that can help create but also configure your new server needs.  Storing data is a sensitive topic right now as privacy is valued more than ever by consumers. However an archive is purely there to be used as a backup such as for a default setting options and not for active marketing or sharing.

Improving productivity

Marketing strategies are created all the time. However to decrease time wasting, you can access your archive to see what kind of products certain customers like. It saves your employees time having to send out email surveys. You can also use older data for studies on how consumer habits change and why, rather than relying on asking customers directly for every small detail.

A backup server can be your knight in shining armor when things go very badly. If your main server is ever hacked you can fall back onto your default settings and still carry on working while you rebuild. It simply stops your business from grinding to a halt and can even help you out regarding research projects.

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