Why Your Office Space is Your Most Important HR Tool

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As a small business owner, you might think about your business premises as an asset. However, what if you were told that it is actually a marketing, branding, and HR tool at the same time? Just imagine that your office workers are spending more time during the week at the office awake than they do at home. Some of them treat it as a second home, and – if you can create the right culture – a second family. Below you will find a few tips on making your office an effective human resources tool.


The first thing you want to get right is the temperature of the office. You might not be able to please everyone, but allowing your employees to control the temperature in their zone or open the windows when needed can help them feel more comfortable and in control. It might be a good idea to have a chat with an air conditioning service company to have a look at your current system and recommend user-friendly upgrades.  

Health and Safety

If you want your employees to look after you, it is crucial that you respect them and look after their health and wellbeing. You will need advanced policies to prevent injuries and accidents, and it is also recommended that you monitor the air quality of the office, so you can make adjustments and keep your workers healthy. Appoint a health and safety representative, and you can manage employee wellbeing better.


If you would like to attract the best people to your office, you will need to offer more than other companies. From free parking to an on site canteen, gym membership, or just a kitchenette, maybe food delivery services, there are several ways you can make them feel more at home and supported at the office. Create employee surveys to find out what your office workers are most keen on seeing in the business premises.

Breakout Areas

It is important that you provide breakout areas for your office workers where they can take a step back from the screen and the desk and socialize with each other. This is a good way of making the most out of the space and building a community at work. Get some games, a TV, or anything your employees recommend, including a sofa, a reading nook, or even a space where they can have a power nap during their lunch break and recharge their batteries.

Sharing Environment

It is also a good idea to create a sharing environment where information and knowledge flows in every direction. You will not only improve the culture of the office, but also increase your organizational knowledge and provide more value for your customers.

Your office is more than a facility; it is a place where your workers share ideas and knowledge, and spend eight hours at. Turn it into a human resources tool and you will see your organizational productivity rise. Engaged and supported employees are generally better at doing their job.

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