A Tough Sale: Convincing Job Seekers To Apply For Your Construction Company

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A quick look at the job market will tell you that everyone and their mother is looking for work. The majority of job postings receive responses in the hundreds, and employers are often spoilt for choice. At least, those offering comfortable office jobs are.

The sad fact is that those in industries such as construction still struggle to find workers. This is an issue which worsens as we as a nation become hyper-alert to risks in workplaces like these. Not to mention that 9-5 seems like a walk in the park when you work in a field like this. That’s also worrying nowadays, in a world where there’s more focus than ever on making more time to live. Before you know, you could be posting ads which gain no response at all.

That’s not good news given that you need a team behind you to stand any chance at success. The good news is, there are ways to construct a more tempting job ad for your industry. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Offer transferable skills

No matter what, your construction company has something an office doesn’t. You operate in skilled labor. As such, starting at the bottom with you could lead your staff to no end of earnings in the future. In keeping with the current focus on work/life balance, developing skills could even set staff up to go it alone later. All you need to do is make sure you’re providing transferable skills. Some employers make the mistake of offering training with no relevance outside. Don’t do it. Offer things like forklift training which your employees can take with them. By outlining this in your job ad, you may find the applications soon start coming through.

Prove yourself as an employer

As mentioned, the risks involved in a career like this are another cause for application hesitance. Everyone that knows that construction injury is a real and regular risk. But, by proving yourself as an employer, you can somewhat put these fears to the side. It may be then, that you include a small manager bio in your job advertisements. These could outline any health and safety training or first aid courses you’ve attended. The fact you know your stuff could hopefully be enough to see people applying. You can then expand on these points during the interview process to further put minds at ease.

Get the salary right

It’s also worth noting that offering minimum wage for a career like this is never going to cut it. If you’re making that mistake, it’s no wonder you aren’t receiving any applications. The fact is that you’re asking for skilled labor with a high-risk factor. That’s the case irrelevant of the training or safety measure you offer. As such, you should make sure your pay reflects this. To get some idea here, look at job advertisements from similar companies. Then, use your new-found knowledge to develop a pay packet which sees people applying regardless of their worries.

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