Why Investing In Mobile Marketing Is A Good Call

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This decade has seen the growth of a new type of marketing – one that involves targeting users through their smartphones. This type of marketing has many advantages over regular digital marketing and it is thought to eventually dominate all other forms of marketing. After all, many of us spend hours on our smartphones – it’s got to the point where people are more likely to check their phones whilst stuck in traffic than they are likely to notice a billboard. Here are just several good reasons to invest in mobile marketing.

More people are now using the internet on mobiles than on PCs

Google have declared that 60% of searches are now made on a mobile device as opposed to a laptop or desktop computer. Whilst some of the rules for using the web are the same as they are on a computer, others are not.

For example, a website that is user friendly on a computer screen may not be as user-friendly on a mobile screen – text may be too small to read or links may be too small to tap with a finger. This is why having a mobile-version of your website is now important as mobile users could get put off using your company if your website doesn’t format properly on a mobile device.

It’s been found that people also use different keywords on a mobile device and react to ads in a different way. For this reason, a separate mobile marketing strategy can be advantageous as your regular digital marketing methods may not be working on mobile users.

Mobile marketing allows you to target people on the move

Another advantage of investing in mobile marketing is the fact that you can target people more easily based on their location. People take their smartphones with them everywhere and many people share data of their location. Using location-based ads, you can let smartphone users in your area know that your company exists. You can also use social media to alert smartphone users in your area using hashtags and geotags, plus you can provide a map on your website that helps people to more easily find your business premises. This is something you can’t do as effectively with any other form of marketing.

You can more easily convince people to call you with mobile advertising

If someone sees your ad on a PC but doesn’t have their phone to hand, they may not be as likely to call you up. However, if someone sees your ad on a smartphone, they’re more likely to call you there and then. It’s possible to set up ad extensions and buttons that allow people call up your company with the tap of a button rather than having to enter your number manually. For certain businesses such as taxi companies, takeaway restaurants and emergency handyman services, this could be extremely useful for generating more customers.   

Apps offer limitless possibilities

Mobile marketing also offers the unique opportunity to market to people through apps. An app can be a fun way of connecting to customers whilst taking advantage of the mobile possibilities it can offer. It could serve as a digital loyalty card for customers to use in your store or it could allow people to track a delivery in real time. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what the purpose of the app is – an app will provide customers with a physical reminder of you on their phone, which could help to encourage them to do business with you again. There are many app development companies out there that can build you an app such as the company at this weblink. Shop around app developers to find one within your budget that can meet your needs.

You can keep existing customers in the loop via text

Internet advertising and apps aren’t the only way in which you can market to people through their phones. There’s also the option of SMS marketing (marketing to people via text message). This can be a great way of keeping existing customers in the loop – more so than email, as people are more likely to read texts. There are various SMS services that you can use to bulk text clients. Just make sure to always offer an opt-out feature with every text as some people can find this form of mobile marketing a little too invasive.

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