Making Sure Your Employees Feel Appreciated

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One of the biggest problems facing small business owners today is employee retention. This is problematic, as taking on and training new staff is a costly process, so if employees leave just a matter of weeks or months into their employment, you’re going to have to find yourself forking out all the initial costs again in replacing them. You will also waste a whole lot of time in recruiting and training new staff. What’s more? They may take the skills you’ve endowed them with elsewhere, benefiting a competitor in the field. So, how can you ensure that your employees stick with you and your company? Well, the first step is to ensure that your employees feel appreciated. It is generally said that staff lead bad employers rather than companies. They may enjoy their role and the tasks that they are expected to carry out. They may get on well with their colleagues. But if you’re not making them feel valued and respected, they may still quit. So, here are a few steps to ensure that every staff member working towards helping your company thrive feels valued!

Recognize Individuals

Small business owners are notoriously busy. It’s likely that you have all sorts of things to focus on, from product development to advertising and marketing campaigns. However, it’s extremely important that regardless of how much you have on your plate, you still take the time to recognize your employees as individuals. Make sure to remember every employee’s name. Ask a little about their lives on a regular basis. An employee who is greeted by name and asked how particular aspects of their lives are progressing when they get into work in the morning are much more likely to feel warmly towards you than an individual who turns up and feels as if they are just another cog in the machine.

Award Achievements

You can’t reward standard and expected behavior, otherwise you’d constantly be rewarding your staff for what is expected of them and what they are being paid for. However, if a particular staff member strives for excellent and constantly steps beyond what is required of them, you should definitely recognize this. Make a statement by awarding them with crystal gifts or another form of corporate award. Not only will this make them feel that their efforts have been worth the outcome, but it will inspire other staff members to strive for greatness too.

Host Workplace Events

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to hold a workplace event to show your appreciation to your staff base’s dedication to the company. This needn’t be extravagant and could purely be an annual event. But a meal or activity really will make your employees know that their hard work is valued.

These are just a few different ways that you can really make your employees feel appreciated. Not only will this benefit them, but it will benefit you too! So, put these plans of action into practice sooner rather than later.

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