Workplace Trends Worth Making Note Of

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If there is one thing we have learned from all previous end of year swan songs, it’s that you can’t change the past. You can look at it, analyze it and use it to help you grow; but you can’t change it. So, instead of making the mistake that almost everyone makes, which is looking back at the year just gone and focusing on the regrets, why not be positive and look to the future, understand how to smash next year’s targets and accept this where your real chances of success lie.

And, with that in mind, we have pulled together a list of workplace trends that we believe every business leader, manager and employee should be aware of moving forward. After all, knowledge is king.

  1. Human Interaction Is Back On The Menu

It wasn’t too long ago that the whole world was going bonkers for remote-working programs and, while a huge chunk of businesses are finding success down this route, some major names are refocusing on workspaces designed to promote interpersonal relationships. Offices are being redesigned with this in mind, managed technology solutions are being brought into practice to help boost human connection, hangout spaces are becoming the norm and physical spaces are getting an overhaul. Why? Well, it is partly to do with efficiencies and partly to do with Gen Y & Z-ers preferring to do things face-to-face than through technology.

  1. The New Credentials Of Learning

If the modern age will be remembered for anything other than technology itself, it is the disruption people have caused within certain niches, and education is one of the most affected of all. There are now so many third-party services that are offering a) education, b) credentials and c) certifications. The reason for this is demand. Traditional forms of tuition are becoming less popular among young adults, which has a lot to do with the rising costs associated. As such, people are shunning colleges altogether, opting for low cost and online courses instead. The result will be much more tolerance from companies to accept candidates with non-traditional credentials.

  1. AI Is Going To Become More Commonplace

This is one of those trends that is met with a mixture of excitement and anxieties, which is totally normal given that’s how all unfamiliar territory makes people feel. Anyway, what you will find over the coming year is AI enters the workplace across the board and that’s because almost every new device that gets developed these days comes with some form of intelligence. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon – they have all gone down the AI route. If we had to pick out one niche in which this will hit businesses most, it is with Chatbots. This form of intelligence can be used in personal assistant software, customer support tech, data mining, for streamlining businesses and are even being used to answer questions – both internally and externally.

  1. Happiness Through Financial Help

More people than ever are living from one paycheck to the next, which is not so much because Millennials are bad at saving (quite the contrary), but because the cost of living is now so high it is a two-income society. This financial stress is affecting mental health and performance. As such, more and more companies are helping their employees manage this stress, with paying off student loans now a normal benefit in workplaces.

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