From Flat Whites To Lattes: Opening Your Own Cafe

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As of 2015, The Netherlands was the country where people drunk most coffee, with the average consumer sipping over 260 litres per year. This was followed by Finland in second place and Canada in third. In the US, 44 percent of the population claims to drink between two to three cups of coffee a day. With recent studies suggesting that drinking coffee leads to having a longer life, this trend is only going increase in upcoming years and it is as a result of this that more and more individuals are opening their own coffee-related businesses, from cafes to roasting factories.

It is a well-known fact that coffee is deeply embedded in Australian culture. After all, Australians invented the flat white and this has long become a world sensation. Opening your own cafe requires hard work and determination, but if you think you have what your locals need and can offer them an excellent coffee-based experience, this could be your chance to shine in your local coffee-loving community.

Below we tell you what you need in order to make of your dream a reality.


This is the starting point for any business out there. Choosing your preferred location is striking a balance between going for an area that has the desired customer demographic and choosing somewhere you can pay for without it ruining your business’ cash flow. Whilst this is indeed a hard balance to find, the success of your business will depend on whether you have a good number of likely clients to attract, and this can only be done by setting up your coffee shop in a desirable spot. Opening your cafe in an established area will cost you and a dodgy area will likely bring you a small number of clients. Do your research and find a location that will sit in the middle of those two spectrums. Have you looked into franchise options?

Interior decoration

Once you have chosen where your coffee shop will be located, it is time to do some research on interior decoration in order to make of your cafe a beautiful and relaxing place. After all, your customers will most likely pay you a visit to drink some excellent coffee and take their mind off their everyday routine. Some of them are likely to be freelancers who have decided to make of your cafe their office base, true, but even those will need a soothing atmosphere in which to work. import furniture from Europe and Asia to supply to Australian commercial venues. On their website, you will find the most incredible pieces with which to furnish your cafe.


You are the coffee connoisseur and are likely to know your flat whites from your macchiatos. You probably already have some fierce competition and as a result of this, you need to make sure you design a menu that will attract potential customers for the variety of coffees on offer and the care with which you have listed these. Put some effort into your menu-designing and you will see customers flocking to your business in large numbers!

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