Why I Hate The Grind


You may like to hustle, but few enjoy the grind.

Hustling is about chasing exciting things and doing whatever it takes to get there.

Grinding is about doing the same thing over and over because results don’t happen overnight.

Hustling is about passion. Grinding is about effort.

Call me lazy, but I hate the grind.

Detailed, precise and repetitive usually wins the race, but the monotony can kill your vibe.

Back in the industrial age it was all about the grind, but now with massive amounts of information, technology and DIY You Tube videos it’s hard to stay focused in an A.D.D. world.

Take for instance coaching. One reason I love it is because every client is different. From a startup’s perspective that makes it hard to scale, but I pride myself on thinking on the fly. Showing up with an agenda doesn’t work. Being ready for the extremes does.

Talk with anyone successful in sales and they’ll tell you it’s a numbers game. If your closing rate is 5%, then for every 20 people you talk to you should gain 1 new customer on average. Most engineers stick to a formula that can be repeated over time. Eventually they know the results will come. Those jobs require someone who can grind hard. Problem is, everyone isn’t cut out for it.

So once you determine the lifestyle you’re after, identify if you’re a hustler or a grinder. The two are as different as an introvert and extrovert. Know which one gives you energy and which one sucks the life out of you.

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