Winsight Episode 34: Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

public speaking without using notes, memory palace



Think about the best public speakers you’ve heard. I bet their execution was flawless. They tell stories, speak with passion and beam with confidence. Public speaking still ranks as the #1 fear amongst adults, so if you improve your public speaking skills you stand out from the crowd. Every speaker has a style unique to them, but if there is one attribute that can bring your speaking game to the next level, it’s speaking without notes.

In this episode, learn the following ways to improve as a public speaker:

  • Why memorizing your speech is actually a bad thing
  • My method for plotting your next talk
  • The #1 benefit from speaking without using notes
  • The reason why public speaking is becoming even more of a game changer

After listening to this episode, what tips will you implement the next time you speak? Name your favorite speaker and what makes him/her memorable. How do you want to be remembered as a speaker?


Comment please!

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