Winsight Episode 6: Don’t Be a Street Sweeper



On our street every Friday a street sweeper comes by and supposedly cleans the side of the road near the curb. Call me cynical, but that machine has to be the biggest waste of money known to man. All it does is swirl the dirt and debris in the air and spray some water down. It doesn’t actually pick anything up or clean the area. In fact, it seems like the only purpose is to catch people who don’t read the parking signs and give them a ticket. To me, the only winner here is the city.

In today’s episode I’ll discuss why a street sweeper is similar to how we live our lives. We’ll cover the following points:

  • Why being “busy” isn’t a good thing
  • What a rocking horse has to do with motion vs. progress
  • Where relaxing went wrong and prioritizing went right
  • Why money isn’t the most important currency anymore

So after learning about how you can be a street sweeper sometimes, what are “busy” doing? Please share your thoughts below!

street sweeper, street cleaning, parking ticket, parking violation, no street parking, santa monica parking, being busy

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