Winsight Episode 7: Developing Leaders



Leadership is a buzz word and everyone wants to be a leader. The truth is a small percentage of people are actually leaders. Now you can learn leadership skills, but that doesn’t make you a leader. You can hold positions, but that doesn’t make you a leader. Personally I fall much more on the side that a leader is born not made, but today’s episode isn’t going to tackle that dispute. Today, I’d like to share my personal thoughts on the difference between leadership and leadership development.

Through personal examples and stories I’ll share:

  • The second tier of leadership
  • The inverted triangle and how it changed my leadership style
  • How deferring on a hiking trip won a popularity contest
  • How leadership math works

As a leader what type of legacy do you want to leave? How does your style affect others? Share your positive and negative examples below so others can learn from your example!

developing leaders, leadership development, coaching, winsight podcast, coaching leaders, lead by example, managing vs. leading


Comment please!

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