Grow Forward, not Backwards

Do you believe the media reports that the economy is improving? Regardless what you think, let’s talk about what YOU can do about it. Picture yourself as a sprinter at the starting blocks…

What is your personal vision? How innovative is it?
You can’t be successful if you have no destination in mind. Start brainstorming a 1-year vision for yourself NOW and be specific! Think ambitious. Go for what you want. Remember, “without a vision, people perish.”

In order to reach your vision you must set goals.
Not just any goals, but measurable ones. That means your goals must be quantifiable and attached to a timeframe. Think of your vision as the second floor of a house. In order to make it to the next level, you have to climb the steps. Those steps are the goals you set. Goals help break your vision into achievable steps (it also helps you chart progress made).

Most plans fail at the implementation stage
, not the vision stage. That means you can have lofty dreams, but if you don’t put in the hard work – you go nowhere. At this stage, accountability is a must. We accomplish greater feats when more people are involved. Stop complaining and start doing!

Ready, Set, Go is about being proactive. We cannot control the economy, but we can do something about it. Winners have a tenacious will to succeed and a plan to achieve. Your biggest obstacle to success is YOU. Stop observing on the sidelines and start playing the game!

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