I Hate Public Speaking

Until recently, I used to believe “speaking is just not my thing.” Being an effective communicator is arguably the most important quality a worker can possess. Anyone can improve his or her oral presentation skills. You just have to work at it.

In Tim Koegel’s book, The Exception Presenter, he states, “Delivering an exceptional presentation does not guarantee a win every time. But you should never lose because your presentation was less than exceptional.”

Today, I’d like to share the insights I’ve learned with you.


Organizing your presentation
1) Tell them what you’re going to tell them
2) Tell them
3) Tell them what you just told them

Arrive 1 hour early
1) 40 minutes to prepare yourself (PowerPoint, notes, last minute details, etc.)
2) 20 minutes to mingle with the audience (learn as many names as you can)
3) Drink tea or warm water before you speak to loosen up your throat

Here’s a 60 second introduction to get you started
1) If you remember just one thing as you leave here today, remember this…
2) State your objective
3) Tell them your position
4) What the end result will be
5) Transition with the next step

The Presentation
1) Focus on the message and audience, not yourself
2) Imagine the audience with a remote control (15 – 30 second attention span)
3) Engage the audience by trying to make eye-contact with everyone
4) Smile and move around
5) Speak, pause, breathe and speak again

Anyone can become an Exceptional Presenter. It’s about having the right focus, preparation and execution. Take advantage of these tips and remember, every time you speak, it’s a free commercial about you!

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