With This Ring I Thee Wed

wedding ring

A wedding ring is a symbol of commitment. I remember the day of my wedding when my wife and I exchanged vows/rings. It was a special moment, but we made sure not to get caught up in the ceremony and loose sight of the marriage.

What I mean by that is a lot of couples get caught up in the hype of a fancy wedding where friends and family witness your public display of love for each other. That’s all good, but marriage isn’t as “flashy” as your wedding day, yet much more important. A lot of times we get fooled by the chase of something, but forget the work entailed after it.

Everyone wants to achieve work life balance, but few are willing to commit to the process of maintaining it. That’s why I created this 8-week online bootcamp to help you commit to making lifestyle changes and restoring freedom back in your life. It won’t be easy, but we’re together on this and with other member’s help we’ll make it happen.