Server Room Organization Tips For The New Year

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Organization in the office is so important, especially if you plan to work in it! You need to be able to move around your space, get your work done, meet your team and remain calm while you are doing all of this. If you are the type of worker that will be surrounded with piles of paperwork as you plow through it all, it’s time to consider how you can get your office better organized.

If there is one place in the office more than most that requires organization, it’s the server room in the office. A twisted and tangled web of cables in the server room is not going to add to the efficiency in the way that you work, so you have to get rid of the mess and straighten out the space this year. Not only is a messy server room ugly, it’s a hazard and you’ll increase the risk of signal loss, which contributes to business interruption. The right organizational tools in your server room will not only keep the space tidy, but it will make it far easier to maintain, too.

  1. Cable Bundles. Remember we mentioned that a server room can be a hazard? Well, the best way to ensure that you don’t have a hazardous IT space is to bundle and mount your cables and ensure that they are all out of the way. You can choose from a range of tapes to ensure that your cables are organized properly. It may also be worth color-coding all wires to their machines so that you don’t get confused as to what goes where. Mounting the cables to the wall or in the rack with cable ties and sticky-backed mounting bases will help you to add a better flow through the room.
  2. Get Filing. You can outsource this if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, but all of that paperwork and those files piled up everywhere need to be packed and put away. The key to being organized is in getting through the clutter first before the rest of it all. You need a proper filing system to remain efficient, and it starts with the paperwork.
  3. Server Racks. Well-built server racks are not an optional piece of equipment for the server room. They are a must! Switches, network infrastructure equipment and routers are all to be stacked in the server rack in a way that makes sense for your business IT maintenance. You can have racks that are free-standing but smaller server room spaces often benefit from server racks that are wall-mounted. These can come in any shape, size and color, and you can even get customizable ones!
  4. Labels or Colors? We mentioned color coding wires, especially the longer twisted cables, but it may be worth looking at labelling. There are plenty of label makers out there that can help you to let others know what wires are for, too. Your IT experts may know what the colors mean, but anyone coming in won’t! Labels alongside colored stickers can help to keep the room organized
  5. Buy Storage. Lastly, invest in good storage – both online storage and physical shelves. You want your business to impress others but it cannot do that if you are just one big pile of mess!

Proper IT Storage Is A Must To Prolong Devices

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Any business which has some form of IT equipment and alike will probably require a number of server racks or cabinets in order to store such equipment in. There are a whole host of different types of data racks available in stores all over the US and on the internet. This is great because it means that there are storage units available to deal with all sorts of equipment, and thus anybody looking for a server rack is assured to find something which suits them. Nevertheless, it can often make it difficult regarding which data racks to purchase in the end because there are so many to choose from. In order to give a helping hand this article will reveal certain factors that individuals should contemplate when looking for a server cabinet or rack in order to narrow down their search.

Before actually delving in to the specifics of the racks and cabinets on offer it is important to deal with a factor which is solely unique to the individual buying; cost. Everybody and every business is in a different financial situation and thus only the person buying the server racks can determine how much they have available to spend on such a product. It is vital to devise a strict budget to begin with in order to ensure that nobody is dipping into funds which are unavailable. Of course, it is vital to look around on different websites and get a feel for what the prices of data racks are. And when it does come to making a final decision, it is advisable not to go for the cheapest deal found as this could symbolize a lack of quality. Nevertheless, this is by no means to say that businesses should opt for the most expensive storage unit either, they should simply make sure that what they do go for is affordable to them. Integrated Technology Services can also help you to save money, as they can lower your hardware needs.

Now onto the storage units themselves: The first aspect which obviously needs to be dealt with is the size of the server rack. The size of the server rack an individual goes for obviously depends on the size of the equipment which is being stored inside and how many of them need to be stored. It is vital to tally up the number of equipment which needs to be stored at present but to also leave room for possible further expansion. Ideally, every company wants to and expects to grow. Thus, by only accommodating the equipment there at present the company cuts off an area of expansion. 

In addition to this, it is also important to think of any extra features or accessories that may be needed. For instance, a lot of people require soundproof server racks because their servers produce a level of noise which is simply not feasible. There are a whole host of different soundproof server racks available online and in stores so it is vital to narrow down a search to these specifics straight away. Furthermore, an individual may require fittings and fixtures or other accessories such as fan. 

All in all, if all points are considered in this article then any individual or business should be able to find a server rack which is just right for them.