Useful Tips and Tricks To Win PubG Chicken Dinner Every Time

“Every pubg player wants to see one sure thing on their screen again and again; Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”

When it comes to playing an extremely competitive game like PubG, you can’t downplay the advantage of learning strategies and tactics to ensure victory in snatching chicken dinners’ badge. Speaking of a newbie in PubG gaming, it is obvious to face challenging situations in getting chicken dinners, especially if you lack good gaming skills. Thus, no matter which case you are in, you’ll need to learn these tricks, secrets and strategies if you want to win more and more chicken dinners.

Be ready to dive in! Here are some smart tricks and tips for you to become a pro at this game.

Loot to the max

Being an essential part of the game, looting is a must for your survival in the game. So loot to the max. You must need to have a variety of weapons in order to kill the enemies. While looting, you have to gather weapons, clothes, medicine, backpack and more. When considering loot, it is suggested that you choose unconventional spots. Try landing at places where you aren’t most likely to face immediate high activity. You need to select things carefully while you loot, take things in the order of their priority and importance. Because your backpack has a certain capacity. Instead of going for an interesting weapon, make sure you have gears for your protection first.

Choose clothes cleverly

Throughout the entire game of Pubg , you’ll have to hide countless times. The better you camouflage yourself, the fewer chances you have to get caught by your enemies. So, choose your clothes wisely to avoid being spotted. Like a camouflaging fish, bring on your best hiding skills and choose the color of the clothes that hide you well from enemies. Professional gamers suggest that it’s wise to go for clothes depending on the surroundings. You can also use color changing hacks and pubg cheats for this purpose. When you are in Miramar, go for Army Green Jeans (available in the Classic Crate).

Choose your weapons carefully

How you choose your weapons can make or break your game.  In a pubg game, you’ll get to gather a lot of weapons to kill your opponents. Making the right selection for weapons is very crucial in this game. With the right weapons, you can ensure victory to your side. So when you select weapons, you should know in which situation you are going to use them. When you are at the beginning phase of the game, it is not that important which weapon you use; thus gather what you can.

Stay in cover

When it comes to covering ground, stay undercover as much as you can. If you don’t wish to become the victim of a sniper standing on a faraway location from you, it’s suggested that you don’t loiter or squirm around in open areas. Run towards trees or bushes when you detect you are under attack.

These tips and tricks will give you better chances of winning the game over others and help you play more effectively. Also, we suggest you to play on PC instead of Mobile as playing on PC presents a better view and angles while you play.