3 Reasons to Focus on Small Incremental Improvements in Your Professional Life

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There are a lot of different tips out there about how to best optimize a business, or set things up so that you will always be able to continue moving from strength to strength in your professional life.

In other words, there’s a lot to be said about the best ways to “grow forward.”

James Clear, author of the highly popular book “Atomic Habits,” likes the idea of emphasizing “1% improvement” every day – a concept which echoes the idea of “kaizen.”

Of course, you still need to focus your energies professionally, and not just try to be all things to all people. Nonetheless, here are a few reasons to focus on small, incremental improvements in your professional life, as a path to overall success and thriving.

Because incremental improvements are actually tangible

Incremental improvements are beneficial, first and foremost, because there are actually tangible. In any given situation, you can very likely think of some practical steps you could take, right now, which would make things marginally better.

Assuming your business had a field, garden, or similar outdoor area, for example, you could quite easily look at it and determine that Topsoil, Mulch and Stone Delivery might help to make the entire area more productive and aesthetically pleasing in just an afternoon.

The same principle applies across the board. How could you be “1%” better as a team leader, today? Well, how about working to make your presentation just a tiny bit more concise at the next meeting?



Because small, incremental improvements are sustainable

Major, sweeping transformations are not the kinds of things that you can actually do every weekend – nor should you even want to do them every weekend.

A great thing about small, incremental improvements is that they are sustainable. There is no immediately apparent practical reason why you can’t continue to make things “1% better” every day, forever.

Among other things, each minor improvement doesn’t represent any major shaking up of the company structure, nor does it require a massive gamble, or a large investment of resources.


Because major transformations are difficult to envision and accomplish – but small changes can achieve the same end result

As mentioned before; major transformations are difficult to envision and accomplish. They take a lot of vision, they take a lot of resources, they involve high levels of risk, and it’s often difficult to get people on board for such sweeping plans.

Not only are small, incremental changes far less “threatening,” and far more sustainable, but in many cases they can actually end up achieving the same end result – or an even better end result – than an ambitious and large-scale plan that was conceived as such from the start.

If you work on improving your marketing materials by 1% every day, and if you take that task seriously, and carry it out for a full year, isn’t it likely that your business will be in a dramatically different place by the end of that year than it was at the start? 

As the old fable has it, “slow and steady wins the race.” As long as you are continually moving in the right direction, dramatic changes can accumulate over time.



3 Tech Tools to Make Your Business Easier to Manage

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Running a business can sometimes be an uphill battle. You need to make sure everything is working as it should and that you’re meeting your targets, while also looking out for your employees and ensuring that they’re happy. Luckily, we have technology on our side to make everything just a little bit easier.

Even when business is good, there are ways to make it run even better and function just a little bit smoother. And when things are going downhill, on the other hand, these tips will certainly come in handy.

Here are the best ways to make your business a bit easier to manage on an everyday basis so that you have more time to make it prosper as it should.

Communication: Slack

Sure, you know that there is an ocean of communication tools out there to make collaboration a lot easier for your team. Yet, some of them are better than others – and Slack enables file sharing, direct messaging as well as group chats.

Plus, you can enable to it notify your employees directly on their computers once they have a message and it is, of course, available as a mobile version as well.

It’s the go-to tool for everything from large businesses to small start-ups, and is currently boasting more than 3 million users. You don’t even have to pay for it unless you want to use the full version, so try it for a bit before you decide on anything permanent.

Planning: Doodle

Everything that your team needs to decide on can be a real headache. Once you’ve gathered everyone that should have an input on planning a meeting, for example, there are always some participants who can’t make it – and you’re back where you started.

The app Doodle makes it a lot easier as it suggests a time in the calendar which everyone has to vote on. That way, you won’t have to send endless rounds of email until you’ve found a date and a time that works for everyone. Plus, it’s really great for planning a trip out with your friends to make sure everyone is available.

You can get a free version of Doodle as well, by the way, or just go for the paid version straight away if you already know what you want.

Online marketing: PPCnerd

Every business deals with some sort of online marketing, and it can be a tiring task to optimise a campaign. Instead of automating everything and analysing various reports, you can be using PPCnerd Scripts for Adwords automation and avoid the hassle altogether.

Simply download the script and save yourself the hours you would have spent on managing and monitoring it on your own.

Integrate your tools: Zapier

While all of the apps and tools above are great, they become even better when you let Zapier integrate them seamlessly. This application takes advantage of application programming interfaces to connect various custom web tools.

You can create automated actions between the tools and apps as well, by the way, to make it even easier for your business to cope. Have a look at this article too, though, if you’d like to know about even more excellent apps that your business can make use of.

No matter the size of your company, there is always some great technology out there to make it a whole easier for you to manage it. From synchronizing your calendars to meeting up through an easy-to-use communication platform; these apps will simply make your business run smoother.

It makes those Wednesdays a bit easier to get through and, when you’re having a bad day, it’s going to make a huge difference.