Starting Your Career In The Music Industry, Can You Do It Alone?

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Choosing between the easiness of a professional studio and the comfort of a home studio can be a difficult decision, but you will always have a preference and the reasons behind this will differ from personal and professional issues. If you have been to any live music show, such as Coachella, then you will know that live music will always sound better depending on the type of equipment used to help amplify it. If you’re a music lover, you probably already look at live streaming, which is a great way to keep up to date with the music world. But if you’re already in the music business, then what exactly do you need to get things going? Is it vital to use a professional recording studio or can you do it from home? Let’s see how to get savvy!

Professional Recording Studio:

Pros – When using a professional recording studio you will know that it comes with a guarantee that the sound quality will undoubtedly sound professional. Secondly, you’ll have access to all the necessary professional engineers, equipment and no issues with how to use the software and how to make it sound better. And thirdly, professional studios have all the necessary high-quality equipment without sacrificing on the amount of equipment to choose from that you may not be able to keep at your home or in an unsafe location. You’ll have a number of different mics, mixing boards and musical instruments which will make the process of any type of music making, much, much easier.

Cons – When using a professional recording studio, the biggest problem you’re going to face is the pricing of what you’re using, because these can add up and be pricey and well into triple figures for an hour. When you’re trying to save on money, you won’t be able to have the freedom of having the space for a day or a week like you would at home, so this will set you back quite a bit of money.

Home Recording Studio:

Pros – When you are at home using your own home recording studio, you’ll have access to all of your own equipment and software but this may not necessarily be the best equipment and maybe not even enough of it. If you own a computer it gives you the ability to have a home studio and macs are of course the best way to go. You can even do it on the go when you’re traveling, on a plane, in an airport, you can always have your laptop on you.

Cons – One of the biggest issues you will face when you are using a home studio is the lack of access to any industry professionals and people with expertise in technology. If you’re a music production student, in your early days, then the lack of experience can have a negative impact on the quality of your music.The gamble is most certainly up to you, but if you are wanting to look at a business opportunity there are ways to do this.

Starting A Successful Music Career In 2019

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Whether you decided to try to make your way in the world of music this week or you’ve been at the grind for years, all musicians are in the same boat. It’s hard for creative people to make their way in the world, but this is certainly the case in the music industry. The market has become so competitive because it’s easy for people to make music. DAW software is cheaper and more accessible than ever (some music software is free), so there’s nothing stopping people from getting started. But how are you going to stand out? Whether you’re a brand new artist or you’ve been at it for years, it’s hard to get ahead. Even those who have tasted success can struggle to hold onto it. In this article, we’ll talk about the things you need to consider if you want to start a successful music career in 2019.

Figure out what makes you unique.

If you want to do well in the music world then you need to adopt a little bit of a business mindset. Of course, the goal is to avoid draining all the excitement out of your career because creating music requires a degree of passion and creative freedom. However, you do need to develop a personal brand for yourself in the same way as any other entrepreneur, so you need to think about your image and identity in that sort of manner. You need to figure out what makes you unique in terms of your sound and your presentation. You don’t need to be eccentric for the sake of being eccentric. Take a look at bands such as Radiohead; they dress in a casual manner, but their music is the thing that makes them stand out.

So, what’s your USP? If you’re making rock music then why should people listen to you rather than the thousands of other rock bands out there? If you’re a rapper then how are you going to stand out? Are you just going to use the same trap beat as every other aspirational hip-hop artist out there? You won’t come up with a fresh new sound straight away. Even the most successful artists of all time started out sounding pretty similar to the musicians who influenced them. It’s all part of the creative process. You have to learn by creating. As time goes by, you’ll start to find your sound. You could consider vocal school to try to develop a stylistic identity for yourself and learn to adapt to a variety of different singing styles. It’s important to learn to be flexible if you want to be unique. Many artists stand out because they pull influences from many different places rather than simply sounding like artists from one particular genre, for instance.

Develop a strong work ethic.

The rise to the top might seem effortless from the outside, but artists don’t just emerge from nowhere. It takes years of grinding to reach the top. It took a lot of rejections and a lot of failed attempts for many of the world’s most accomplished musicians to reach the global platforms they have today. Don’t trick yourself into thinking it’ll happen quickly. You need to develop a strong work ethic if you’re going to start a successful music career in 2019. Maybe you’ve been trying to “make it” for years, but you’ve only been dedicating a small amount of your time to the cause. You need to be committed if you’re going to get anywhere. Take the time to make yourself visible and get your brand out there as well as working on your music itself. As explained in the previous point, you need to adopt a business attitude if you want to make it in this tough industry. Keep grinding, and make sure you only do it because you love it. That’s the key to making music which sounds good. Take the time to hone your talent.