Being An Artist Is A Job Too, Not A Dream

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I’m an artist.

More often than not, it’s the kind of statements that parents never want to hear. Being an artist is, unfortunately, misunderstood for laziness and lack of motivation. In reality, you can’t make a living as a creative individual unless you treat your arts like a business venture. Artists are professionals too, and consequently, they need to manage their career like a job. Surprisingly enough, the best tips you can receive as an aspiring artist come from the business industry – not show business, though. Indeed, advice that is designed to encourage professionals to improve their productivity, develop a career strategy and maximize their impact on the market is a fantastic source of inspiration and self-improvement for new artists.

You can follow the same business advice as everyone else

Existing in any business environment – whether artistic or not – is about constantly improving your overall performance to fulfill your full potential. As an artist, becoming better at what you do can seem like a blurry statement. However, you can focus on doing the best that you can, even in the smallest details. This attitude can make the difference between a great creation or something that goes unnoticed. As you dedicate time and attention to all things – small and big –, you get a better insight into your uniqueness, your strengths and the opportunities that are available for you.  

You need a strategic mentor to help and protect you

It’s fair to say that nobody can get to the top without the strategic support of a coach or a mentor who knows and understands the challenges of your industry sector. New entrepreneurs can’t be successful without the careful and knowledgeable plan of a business guru who can advise and protect. Similarly, in the creative world, artists need someone who can help them to tackle the risks without affecting their careers. A music law attorney, for instance, can ensure your audience can gain access to your songs while preventing copyright infringements. It’s a thin line between making your creations available and making them free to use!  

Skills, skills, skills, you can’t have enough

Do you know everything there is to know? In every sector, professionals stay relevant by learning new skills. At a business level, adding significant skills to your resumé makes you more desirable. Additionally, at a personal level, the more you learn, the better your brain gets at connecting knowledge, facts and decisions together. The more you learn, the better you become. For artists, there are new ways of creating, new instruments or even new languages that you could add to your portfolio as a way of opening your mind and unlocking new creative paths. The more you know, the more inspired you can be, and the more relevant you are to your audience.

Make yourself visible

You can’t land a new job without a strong online presence, on social media, and LinkedIn. For artists, your online presence is also part of your career. Making yourself visible to your audience nurtures your bond and your reputation.

Artists are not a different species. They are professionals who act in a specific market. Therefore, they can benefit from developing the business skills, practices, and behaviors that are relevant to their job.

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