The Things That Will Always Make You Stand Out When Applying For Jobs

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When you’re applying for jobs, you want to make sure you get through the mounds and mounds of other applications and resumes and actually get noticed. Then, once they have noticed you, you want to make sure you go one step further and actually land the job! Below are some ideas of things that will make you stand out when applying for jobs. Take a look and see what you can use!

Creating An Amazing Resume

Having an amazing resume is so important, whatever job you’re going for. If you’re not sure where to start or how to lay it out, you can use a site like to help you. Make sure you take your time crafting an eye catching profile, only talk about relevant experience and qualifications, and show examples of what you did using facts and figures. The more facts and figures you can use to back up your results, the better.

A Great Cover Letter

Never ever forget to write an awesome cover letter that backs up your application. In your cover letter you should tell the employer who you are, where you would fit in their company, and why you want to work for them. This is your opportunity to back up the profile bit in your resume and talk a little more about yourself. If you’re unsure of where to begin, again you can find a ton of examples online.

Making Sure You Fit The Company Culture

Hopefully, you’ve done research on the different companies you’re applying to when job hunting; making sure you fit the company culture is imperative for your happiness and success at a company. Plus, if you’ve already made sure you’re an awesome fit, all you have to do is highlight that in your resume and cover letter.

Have Some Glowing References Behind You

Make sure you have some glowing references behind you – they should know they might be getting a call, as well as what your goals are for your career. This means they can tailor what they say and make sure they show you in the most positive light.

Have An Awesome Online Portfolio

An online portfolio can be a fantastic way to show off your work. Create one and direct potential employers to it so that can immediately see what you can do.

Make An Awesome First Impression

The first impression counts during an interview, or even when you drop your CV in. Dress for success, practice your handshake, and make sure your body language is positive. Really listen to the person interviewing you by practicing active listening. Imitate certain gestures and body language (not in an obvious way) and you may be able to build a faster connection with the interviewer.

The above things will nearly always make you stand out when applying for jobs. See what you can do and you should find yourself with a position in your dream role or company before long. Leave your own thoughts and advice below!

The Key To Making Yourself The Most Desirable Candidate At A Job Interview

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Job interviews can be a nerve wracking experience. You want to present the best possible version of yourself, and of course, be the one to end up with a job afterwards. So, how can you make sure you’re the most desirable candidate at a job interview? Here we’ll go through some pointers that can help you to make a brilliant, lasting impression:

Make Yourself Readily Available

It’s key to make yourself as available as possible when hunting for a new job. If you’re not responsive when it comes to phone calls, for instance, it isn’t going to make you look very good.

If you can discuss things on the phone and arrange an interview at a time that suits the company, it’ll show flexibility and high interest in the role you have applied for.

Always Be On Time

Punctuality is key. If you’re late, it doesn’t paint a very good picture of what you’ll be like in the role. Even if there was a freak accident, it’s unlikely your potential employer will care or want to hear your stories. All they know is that you’re late. Move heaven and earth to be on time.

Be Willing To Hand In Your Resignation Right Away

Accepting a job offer with enthusiasm and being willing to hand in your resignation at your current place right away is a good way to become more desirable. A company won’t want to see you be indecisive about accepting the role.

Prove That You Are Suitable And Trustworthy

You want to prove that you are a suitable, trustworthy candidate. You might like to go out of your way to have certain background checks done, depending on what industry you’re hoping to work in. You might also look at acquiring one or two extra skills that they will find useful. If you’re looking to work in construction, for example, you could get forklift license training. If you want to work in digital marketing, having a few specialisms and knowledge in things like photoshop and web design will help, even if they aren’t part of the job description.

Give Glowing References

Make sure you provide the right references to a potential employer. It’ll help if you chat with your references in the beginning and let them know your goals and what you are hoping to achieve so you can be on the same page before they are called.

Remain Respectful And Professional

During the interview process, it’s crucial you remain respectful and professional. Of course, showing your personality is key, as this can set you apart and help you to land the role over somebody who has the qualifications but is not fit for the company culture. Make sure you avoid making any inappropriate jokes or risky faux pas. Take the lead from the person interviewing you.

Be Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is so important, so make sure you get that across in person, too! Looking as if you’re neutral may put the interviewer off you as a potential hire.