The Future Is Green, Do You Want To Be Involved?

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Engineering is the branch of knowledge that has given the greatest impetus to the technological transformation of the world. “At the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016, the concept of Industry 4.0, that is, the fourth industrial revolution, was presented. This concept is based on autonomous technologies, cyber-physical systems, and information and communication technologies.” According to Forbes. Last year Japan presented the concept of Society 5.0, where technological advances such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), and robotics contribute to creating a new society and a better world for everyone. It will assist with sustainability and more. Whether or not you believe in the new changes, you can certainly not argue with the fact that these businesses are likely to progress the world in incredibly positive ways.

These concepts of Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 are based on interdisciplinary themes where engineers from their different specialties contribute to innovation. The 21st century engineer must have a solid knowledge of science to understand the world and the ability to be involved in topics beyond their specialty. With online engineering programs, you can choose what is best for you and gain the skills needed to pursue a new career. It could be your time to contribute to something bigger and better for the future of this world. 

What is the future you could be involved with? 

Green building, also called green building or sustainable construction, refers to structures or construction processes that are responsible for the environment and use resources efficiently throughout their life span. This type of building seeks to avoid and in some cases get rid of environmental pollution. Within the ecological construction we find bioclimatic architecture, focused on optimizing the use of energy through the adaptation of buildings to the climatic conditions of their environment. If this sounds of interest, you should certainly be looking further into the new changes that are coming to create a greener, more sustainable future for human life and the planet. It could change the path of your career.

Specifically, what construction elements should be influenced to meet the characteristics of an ecological construction?

In the equipment and the façade, the curtain wall, the exterior walls, because when contacting the exterior environment, thermal protection and protection from pollutants is necessary. All the elements that you use inside the building for equipment are going to demand energy and water consumption and your balance has to be there. This will create healthier buildings with better equipment to assist everything. Civil engineers are there every step of the way to ensure that this is working well and that these goals are being met. 

Can existing houses / apartments be turned into a green home?

Any type of existing construction can be converted into a construction or a green building regardless of its age. The Capitol in Denver (USA) is more than 100 years old, the Empire State Building, the famous New York building, is also a Green Building, and just like these there are many examples. All of which civil engineers have been behind. 

Dealing with the challenges 

As a civil engineer you will be expected to solve problems well. Looking at ways around things and how to turn things into positives is vital. We cannot close our eyes to the displacement of thousands of people that will occur from rural areas to cities in the coming years , a movement that, as the United Nations has pointed out, will cause around 70% of the world’s population to live in cities or urban areas in 2050. This is to assist in regaining control of the wildlife and from an agricultural point of view, allow urban areas to regrow and return to healthier states than the ones they are in now. 

In this context, the construction industry leads the way both as an engine for the safe and agile reactivation of the economy, and as a facilitator for the promotion of well-being and social cohesion. And it is precisely the construction industry that has to ensure the sustainability of this unstoppable urbanization process, imagining, contributing, offering innovative, ecological, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions that contribute to building the cities of tomorrow. It is possible that you can be a part of that. With the right training and skills, it could be your turn to be part of something incredible, to save the planet and make positive changes. Research more and look at the skills that you could contribute to the job.

Building The Skills Of Tomorrow In Your Spare Time

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Over the last few decades, the world has changed an awful lot. With the emergences of microchips and digital technology, the tools which humans have available have evolved dramatically, and this is shaping the way that businesses work. Unfortunately, though, with the world developing so quickly, there is always a shortage of those with the skills to work with the machines being built. To help you to fill this niche, securing yourself the potential to have a far more interesting future, this post will be exploring some of the key skills which are going to become useful in the coming years.


You can have the most powerful computer in the world, but it will be completely useless if you don’t have any software to run on it. These machine rely heavily on code to keep running properly, making it increasingly difficult for companies to manage their own devices without having developers on the team. Learning a skill like programming isn’t too challenging, as long as you’re prepared to dedicate a good amount of time to it. There are loads of resources around the web which can help you with this, but it is also worth keeping in mind that it’s very hard to break a computer, even when you’re dealing with the scripts which keep it running.


Computers aren’t the only area which is improving in business, though, and it’s also worth thinking about the hardware which keeps the building going. Modern products almost always use electronics over mechanisms, nowadays, making even the simplest of tools into a complex web of wires which most people won’t understand. Getting your hands on some heat shrink tubing, a wire kit, and an arduino should be plenty to start you out on the road towards becoming an electrical engineer. While you may not have a formal certificate to show that you can work with small devices, you will have the real-world experience which will matter in work.


While a lot of businesses are looking for ways to replace their human teams with computers and robots, there are certain jobs which will always have to be handled by people. Communication is one of them, but this skill is changing along with tech. Live chat, VoiP calls, and emails all play a significant role in modern business, and being able to use them effectively can make a real difference to the people you’re working for. This sort of skill is best learned through practice, but this is nice and easy to find if you talk to people often enough.

Building skills which will help you in later life can be a real challenge. It’s hard to predict what will be necessary over the next few years, and more and more people are looking for ways to improve themselves like this. Of course, though, it’s worth taking a chance when you have the opportunity to prepare yourself for the future, even if it means you have to work hard in the process.