Planning Your Next Vacation


When’s the last time you went on vacation? When’s your next one planned? Sometimes life happens between trips and you either reminisce about past ones or dream about new ones. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what if life felt like a vacation?

Remember the commercial where two people are laying out in the sand relaxing on a deserted island? Life may never feel like that, but the idea of “freedom” does. Most of us work long hours with the hope one day we’ll be able to sit, relax and spend time with loved ones during retirement. But what if you have limitations when you get older? What current opportunities are you passing up instead of living in the moment? How would you live differently if you knew you were going to die in a year?

Sounds extreme, but it’s not. Money gives us this false sense of security, but it could be taken away as quickly as your health. You have a choice today to spend it the way you want to. No one is in control of it except you. That’s why I designed this 8-week online bootcamp geared towards achieving work life balance. During this course, not only will you learn about “carpe diem,” but you’ll actually live it!