Professionalize Your Start Up in Six Simple Steps

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Every entrepreneur has had that nervous feeling during the launch period of your business. You feel like an imposter; why would anybody buy my products? It takes a while to feel like you fit in in the world of business, but it does get better. All you need to do, is find a way to professionalize your startup so you feel more legitimate. Whether you’re looking to improve your leadership skills or spruce up your office space, there are a number of ways in which you can professionalize your business for the better.

1. Invest in an Office Space

If you’re ready to take the leap and build your own office environment, now is the perfect opportunity. Renting or buying a cheap space and sprucing it up yourself is a savvy plan, as you can decorate it however you like. Consider commercial window and door repair if your entrances or windows need a little extra attention. Nothing screams “professional” like a brand new office that’s not your bedroom!

2. Purchase a Business Phone Number

You may not have the funds to fully commit to an office space, so why not buy a business phone number? You can purchase a professional address or number for a small amount of money per month. This will professionalize your business instantly and give a good impression to your customers right away.

3. Hire a Branding Expert

Every new business needs a clear brand message, so consider a branding expert to help you get started. From logo designs to brand messages, they can help you get started on something that will appeal to your target market.

4. Focus on Your Website

A smooth and professional website is one of the only ways in which you can make a sale. If your consumers click off your website in a confused state, it’s likely they won’t return anytime soon. Make every stage of your website crystal clear so you come across as professional as possible.

5. Take on Your First Employee

Hiring your first employee is a big step and it may seem far away at the moment. However, this will give your business a true professional vibe through and through if you have a team of qualified and helpful people ready to serve your target audience.

6. Start a Blog

When your business has a blog it becomes a powerful tool to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can talk about trending topics, open up discussions and showcase your skills in an attractive online format. When you produced valuable content to your audience they will begin to trust you.

If you work your way through this list of start up must dos you will soon feel much more confident in your own work. Being a business owner is all about your mindset, especially when you’re new to the game. Smartening up your strategies and legitimizing your brand will go a long way in the initial months and years. You want your future clients and consumers to trust you completely, so this will help you to gain that quickly and organically.

Make Them Wait, See Them Disappear

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For every business, time is money, but that can be true for customers too. Customers that are in a rush, or browsing while on the move don’t have time to wait for your website or other features to load. They might only have a short amount of time and thus they need to make sure every second is not wasted. You would think that with the advent of smartphones and Google prioritizing mobile friendly websites that this would be a no brainer. Yet, so many small businesses don’t realize how long waiting times make people just swipe or click away. And yet, the standard of what can be deemed ‘too long’ is also changing. Maybe 5 years ago it could take 5 seconds to load up a page and seen as normal. Now, 5 seconds is just too long. Inherently, you should be up to speed with what kind of technology you’re using as well.

Focus on priority content

Take for example your business blog, you don’t want certain pieces of content to load slower than others. Sometimes you have catchy slogans, titles and first paragraphs or sentences that are designed to capture the reader so they don’t click away so easily. Well, you need to give your main content priority when it comes to the loading que. If you have videos and text together, you need to choose which one is going to be more eye catching and thus order them correctly. Maybe you think your blog content is more important than any visuals, thus images and videos will need to load after the text. This also comes down to any ads you’re running on the webpage. If you have a video or PPC ad in the banner, you need to decide whether to load the ads first or the content. In other words, you need to formulate a queue so you have a better chance of keeping the consumer on the page for the initial few seconds.

Speed is essential

Speed is often the savior in many forms of life. The speed of your transactions, decision making, problem solving and also webpage loadings is vital to success. Take a look at where you can learn how the speed of your web pages can be calculated and improved. Sometimes the homepage loads faster because it’s going to be the main page in the results of search engines. However you may also need to keep a high standard for your ‘browse products’ page. Although it’s understandable that this kind of page will be slower because of the amount of links and images. However, this page will always be added to thus the page will load slower and slower. Using bulk testing you can see which pages aren’t loading as fast as you’d like them to.


Allow quick access

For businesses that allow users to create accounts and profiles, you will have a sign in or log in bar on the homepage or pretty much every webpage. However users that just want to log in to comment on a post in the forums, comment on a blog post or just generally sign in so they can use their account to shop, should not be left waiting for the log/sign in bar to load. Therefore this is also something you must take into account when designing the bar itself. Your page might load from the top down, or just individually but the login bar must be one of the first in the line. You might also want to allow the bar to be inside of another item such as a profile picture. This adds another step to the process even though the profile picture may be the first thing that loads up. However if you put the login bar as a separate item to load, this can mean you need to sacrifice content in the loading que. It’s good practice to therefore make the login bar top priority for only some pages because after all, it may only be used by those that are regular customers

Speed is absolutely essential when it comes to loading times. Pages that are not set up for mobiles will not keep that browsing commuting consumer on your website for long. It’s even easier to swipe away than it is to go back on a desktop computer. It’s also within your best interest to make sure you have a content priority queue. Only the most important content that you believe will keep customers on the page for longer should be loading up first.

The Business Aspects That May Require The Most Attention In Your Biz

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Starting up a business is something that many people would love the opportunity to do. They want to get to a stage where they feel passionate about something they do each day, and the control that being their own boss gives them. Starting up will be overwhelming, and there is often a lot of plates to spin. But you will get to the stage where the idea has come into fruition and you are ready to move the business forward. However, there will be aspects of the business that you may forget about. So here is a quick reminder to help you keep the dream on track.

Keep a close eye on cash flow

Cash flow in and out of your business may be something that you might not have much experience, but it is an essential area of the business to keep it moving forward. The aim is to stay in the black and not have any debts around you. But often not having the right level of insight on this area can cause you to make errors with forecasts and profit projections. Take time to be aware of funds going in and out, and also be mindful of payment windows. Some of which you can take advantage of, others will also take advantage of it as you await money coming in. Outsourcing your accounts can help to take the pressure off this are for you as a business leader. 

Think about your website

These days you have to be aware how much is done online, and your website is one area that you can’t afford to make mistakes with. You only have to look at your own habits to understand that you go online for a lot. So it may be time to ensure that you give your full attention to your website. Ensuring that the pages load up quickly. All images are quality and not pixelated. Things like stock levels are up to date with the correct pricing and also taking into account SEO so that you are driving traffic to your website from search engines. 

A business blog may be beneficial 

Another thing to consider might be to set up a business blog that runs alongside your website. This can also create more chances of using things like SEO to help drive traffic to your main website and ecommerce page. You could look at having experienced writers create engaging content for the blog, as there are affordable blog writing services for your business that you could consider. This can help you to also share other information relevant to your customers, such as knowledge of the industry or the latest offers. It can even translate into social media posts as another thing to share through those platforms. 

Social media engagement and responses 

Finally, you may want to think about how you engage and use your social media platforms. You may have a strategy in place in terms of content, but if you fail to respond to comments or direct messages then it could be all to waste. 

Let’s hope this has given you something to think about when it comes to the business aspects that require your attention