Advice On Purchasing Furniture For Your Classroom

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Buying classroom furniture may seem like a simple task. However, you need to create the perfect environment for learning. The atmosphere in a classroom can often be described as the ‘third teacher’ and, of course, the furniture you select plays a critical role in determining this. Below, we provide you with five top tips to help you get started. 

  1. Consider anti-tamper office chairs

The longevity of the furniture you choose is of paramount importance. All schools have stringent budgets they need to stick to, and the last thing you want to do is fund endless replacements and repairs. This is why anti-tamper office chairs are ideal. Anti-tamper office chairs have been designed so that they cannot easily be damaged. Also, look for desks that have surfaces that are resistant to marring.

  1. Seek support from the furniture company

You don’t only need to consider the furniture itself, but also the company you buy it from. Make sure that you are happy with their installation options, delivery timeframe, and that they provide good after-sale service and support. If you choose a small manufacturer, you may feel like you are going to get a better service, however, they are likely to have long lead times and limited quantities, which probably won’t fit into your budget or timeframe. 

  1. Don’t forget health standards

It is critical to make sure the classroom is a place that is healthy and safe and, therefore, all furniture needs to meet health standards for low levels of volatile organic compounds, which is often shortened to VOC. You may also find furniture with green certifications, which indicate that formaldehyde has not been used in the construction. Formaldehyde is a strong-smelling, flammable chemical, which can cause adverse health effects. We also recommend using filters on the lighting in the room. You can read up on this online if you need more information. They ensure the room is more comfortable, safe, and productive.

  1. Get the sizing right

When buying furniture for children, we have a tendency to simply look for adult furniture in miniature sizes. However, you need to give much more attention to the size of the furniture than this, especially considering the rise of musculoskeletal disorders in students. Adjustable seating is advised, as this ensures students can adjust the height of the seat to suit them and where they are sitting.

  1. Mobility 

Last but not least, mobility is vital when buying furniture for the classroom, as the furniture will need to be rearranged in order to accommodate different lessons and teaching styles. Remember, the furniture you purchase is going to have more than one use and, therefore, you need to buy with this in mind. Look for furniture that is lightweight and can easily be configured. 

If you keep the five points above in mind when searching for classroom furniture, you should find it a lot easier to locate what you need.

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