The Front Line: Career Choices If You Want To Challenge Yourself

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Do you ever feel that you are treading water in a professional sense? While you might be launching a blog or working in a career like marketing, you might think that you want to do something a bit more that doesn’t just sell products to people but mean something to society, but also makes you challenge yourself. If you want to challenge yourself, you aren’t alone. Many people thrive on the ability to work under pressure and push their physical and emotional capabilities. And if you want to start a new career, what sort of jobs out there that fit this mold?

The Police

The very definition of physical, mental, and emotional toughness. When it comes to upholding the law, you’ve got to have a certain set of characteristics. It is certainly possible to put yourself forward for law enforcement training, but it could be one of the most challenging things you will ever undergo. The police is an infinitely rewarding career, but this means that you’ve got to dig deep within yourself to rise to the challenge. Many police officers work more than the average amount of hours per week and find themselves under pressure in so many different ways. If you want to challenge yourself, there is this, but there is also…

The Army

In many ways, it’s a parallel to being in the police. The big difference between the army and the police is that the military is more of a lifestyle choice than the police. While with the police you get to go home at the end of the day, the army means that you are signing up for a lengthy career tenure. So if you are looking to challenge your mind and body in basic training but also learn in combat skills, these are the very basics; you also will learn how to be a better person. Having that discipline put into you through basic training and learning to thrive under the most challenging circumstances, whether it’s being dropped behind enemy lines or having to problem-solve to save lives, it becomes a challenge that you have to invest yourself in physically, mentally, and emotionally.


You may not think of farming as a particularly challenging career. But if you don’t like the idea of upholding the law or being away from your family for months on end, farming is something that requires a lot of physical effort instead of emotional effort. But it’s not just about the labor-intensive aspects of farming; many self-employed farmers have to learn to sell their products and balance budgets. Self-employment is one of those considerable challenges that everybody can struggle with when they go from a normal job, but farming is one of those careers that is incredibly satisfying across the board. It’s not just about looking after livestock and being physically fit, but it’s about the reward that you are serving the public.

Of course, there are so many different jobs that really put the pressure on us. From care worker to carpenter, laborer, and building careers, but if you want to challenge yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, arguably these three are the career choices that we can really get into. That’s not to say it’s a walk in the park! It requires a lot of soul-searching and blood, sweat, and tears upfront.

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