Reduce The Risk Of Driver Error In Your Business

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When you are running any type of business which involves collection and deliveries of either people or packages, you need to be sure that your drivers are adhering to the best possible driving practices.  This is not just for their own protection, but that of your clients and the reputation of your business.

We’ve all read reports, and seen footage of drivers who have been distracted by their cell phone, and not reacted quickly enough to conditions ahead of them, resulting in horrific accidents, that could so easily have been avoided. 

Taxi drivers in particular are often faced with threatening behavior, or passengers who are abusive. On the other side of the coin, sometimes it’s the passengers who report that their driver has verbally or physically assaulted them.  Sometimes it’s hard to know who to believe.

So if you run a fleet of vehicles, or even just one or two, how can you ensure your drivers are behaving responsibly whilst on the road.

The answer could be to install video dashcams in all of your vehicles. 

This great bit of kit, enables you to watch your drivers behavior in real time, to make sure they are all adhering to good driver behavior.  The safety of your drivers is so important, and you do need to be aware at all times of how they are driving, and the conditions they are facing. 

Viewing remotely, you can see instantly if any of your drivers are not wearing their seatbelts, if they have anyone else in the cab with them, and if they have any distractions such as if they are eating whilst driving, or take a sneaky peak at their cell phones, even if it is for a short period of time. 

So who should really consider installing video dashcams.

Taxi drivers and owners.

Don’t risk your reputation by being accused of employing rude or unsafe drivers. By being able to view everything live, if your driver feels that something isn’t quite right, then you can see the situation instantly, and not have to rely on his account of things, or the passengers verbal complaint. It protects everyone in the taxi, and protects your business against false accusations and possible lawsuits. 

Truck Drivers and Haulage Business.

Truck drivers have such a responsibility at their finger tips.  Often driving for long periods of time, very precious cargo, in huge container lorries. Being able to view and record their driving standards, helps enormously to structure training to match more closely with driver capabilities and potentially dangerous driving situations. 


The main benefits of installing a video dashcam in your vehicles is that it reduces the cost of your insurance premiums. 

It’s inevitable that accidents will happen, but if a collision involving one of your employees does take place, you will be alerted at the point of impact. As well as having minute by minute information about what has happened, you will be able to inform your insurance company about your driver’s behavior and road conditions during the lead up to any accidents. 

Don’t underestimate the peace of mind a video dashcam can bring you. Get them fitted to your vehicles before the inevitable happens.

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