Finding Disruption In The Fashion Market

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The fashion industry is one of constantly revolving trends and styles and, as such, it offers a lot of room for new startups to find their place while also being amongst the most competitive markets out there. To really make waves, one must learn how to disrupt markets, but what are some of the ways you might be able to do that?

Embrace the online-only world

The digital age has already done a lot to disrupt the fashion industry, but it’s not done reshaping it just yet. There are a lot of fashion brands establishing an eCommerce presence but they can’t do with the flexibility and dedicated approach that a start-up can when going online only. You can cut the costs of starting your fashion business by a huge degree, for one. Investing in a fantastic, responsive website with even a portion of the investment you would have had to put into a store can see great results.

Bespoke is taking over

Giving your customers the ability to personalize their orders might be a more lucrative idea that you might imagine. Personalized goods are becoming a lot more popular, especially among higher-end customers. This applies not only to monogramming bathrobes and having t-shirts with names printed on them, but other aspects of design. Bespoke goes beyond designing clothes, too, customizing the customer experience by having a website that responds to data collected on their preferences is becoming a major trend in all online retail industries, as well.

Going green to earn green

Sustainability and eco-friendliness continue to be a topic that dominates the conversation across industries and is becoming increasingly popular in fashion. This includes changes in supply chains, packaging, and even the material that the clothes themselves are made from. Modal fabric is a super soft fiber made from beech trees. Its eco-friendly growth and the ability to simply decompose it instead of throwing it in a landfill make it a good example of one fabric that’s changing the fashion industry into a more environmentally friendly place. Customers have proven that many of them are willing to spend more for a product and brand that aligns with their values, so its a lucrative opportunity worth considering.

Get smart with your technology

Aside from going online-only, you can benefit from making use of AI-driven technologies that increase customer satisfaction with the online shopping experience. Chatbots are AIs that respond to customer queries based on data collected from their usage of the website. They can help address a range of questions, offer support resources, and even direct the customer to products they might be interested in based on not just how the customer answers them, but also any data you might have collected on their website use.

The examples above will hopefully give you some direction to take your clothing or fashion company that elevates it over the playing field. At the very least, it should give you some inspiration on how to disrupt the market to make some room for yourself.

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