Getting The Word Out: 3 Ways To Share Your Passions With The World

Collaborative post – may contain affiliate links

If you are someone with a strong opinion on a subject, you probably want to share it with the world. But, have you ever thought about using your enthusiasm and knowledge to create something for others? You could start your own channel, or blog and get yourself lots of avid viewers or readers. With a little hard work, anything is possible. You may even be able to earn a bit of money for doing it. 

Write A Blog

Blogging is an excellent way of getting your message out there. If you can write engaging articles about several different areas within your niche, then setting up a blog site will be a good idea. You can get a free, professional blog from WordPress. The number of readers that you get will largely depend on how often you are posting, as well as the quality of your work. If you can, try to create an article on most days. Make sure it reads well and has a really good point to make. 

Record A Podcast

So many people enjoy listening to podcasts. They’ve become popular with lots of people, and are great for listening to when you are driving or working. You’ll need to create a script and record your content. Podcast hosting is not a problem, as you can easily upload your content ready to share with your audience. 


YouTube is the place to be for video content, with so many channels, you can find something about everything. But that does not mean that there is no place for you. If you’ve got the right voice, and are producing quality videos, you could find an audience on YouTube and possibly be the next big thing on there.

Getting A Following

If you want to bring some people in to read; watch, or listen to your content, then you might want to think about promoting yourself on social media. Set yourself up a professional-looking page on all of the major platforms, and share any content that you create. You’ll need to use a few techniques to get followers on your social media pages. You can use hashtags on your content, try creating viral campaigns where users are encouraged to follow and share your content in exchange for something. You can also follow and comment on other peoples material. 

If you’re running a blog, consider using search engine optimization techniques such as keywords and link building to bring people to you through Google searches. 

Get Paid For Your Content

You can easily earn money from sharing content, assuming you’re willing to put in the work building a following and creating lots of new, exciting content. 

If you have enough followers, you may be able to get into affiliate marketing, where you provide advertisements for services and products within your content. If anyone clicks through and buys anything, you will earn money for each sale. 

You may also want to look at placing advertisements within your content, or on your page too. This is an excellent way of earning a bit of money from something that you enjoy.

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