3 Reasons Sales Have Dropped On Your Ecommerce Site

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Whatever business you’re in, your sales are always going to go up and down a little bit, but if you suddenly experience a big drop in sales, it can land you in some trouble. This is a particular problem with ecommerce, mainly because customers have so many other choices and so even the smallest problem will cause a dip in sales. It’s incredibly frustrating when things have been going great for a long while and all of a sudden, sales drop off and you can’t get things going again. Often, there is a reason why sales are falling and understanding what the root cause of it is is the best way to make sure that it’s only a temporary drop and you start making money again. These are the reasons that your ecommerce sales have dipped and what you can do about it.

Seasonal Changes

One thing that people don’t often consider are seasonal changes. The impact of seasonal changes depends on the type of products you sell and some businesses are fairly immune to it. But if you’re selling products that are seasonal, you have to be prepared for a drop in sales during certain months. For example, if your business sells sunglasses, you’re going to see a dip in sales during the winter months. You’ve got a couple of options here; firstly, you can broaden the scope of your products and start offering something that there is a need for all year around. Secondly, you need to be prepared for that drop in revenue. During the busier months, you need to be careful with your spending and make sure that you’ve got plenty of cash set aside so when sales to tail off, you can still cover all of your running costs until things pick up again.

A Bad Checkout Process

Cart abandonment is the biggest challenges that ecommerce companies face; in some industries, around 70 percent of people will leave a site without completing checkout. Often, this is because the checkout process is bad. If customers have to go through loads of pages, filling out extensive forms with all of their information, they can quickly get bored and decide to just leave it. That’s why it’s so important that you make it as simple as possible for the customer. If you’re struggling, find a company that offers ecommerce technology solutions to help you streamline your checkout page and convert more of those visitors into sales.

Slow Loading Times

This is a big problem for a lot of companies. Consumers are impatient and if they have to wait for ages for a page to load, they won’t bother and they’ll go elsewhere. This often happens because, when you start out, you’ve got the capacity to handle the amount of visitors you’re getting. But once you start to get more people coming to the site, things start to run a lot slower. You need to make sure you’re updating your servers regularly so customers aren’t dealing with a slow loading website.

These are the 3 most common reasons that you might see a drop in sales, but the good news is, they’re all easily solved.

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