Why Feedback Beats Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are like going to the dentist. They suck.

Even if you get a positive response, the build-up always provides anxiety.

Managers, I’m here to say there’s a better way: (daily, or at least weekly) feedback.

Millennials may seem more high maintenance than generations in the past, but deal with it.

As their manager, how well you’re doing your job relies on how well your team is doing theirs. With true leadership the bucks stops at the top. Before blaming others for their shortcomings, ask yourself if you’ve equipped them to do their job effectively.

Performance reviews are lazy. They scream, “I don’t want to invest in giving you feedback consistently so instead I’ll wait until later to deliver the bad news.

Newsflash: the best performance reviews should NEVER be a surprise.

If people know what they are supposed to do and how to do it, you’ve done your job as a manager.

Effort is controlled by people.

Skills are controlled by managers.

This isn’t a cop-out for workers, but instead a challenge to ask your manager when you don’t know the answers. Managers, 50% of your time will be spent on interpersonal issues at work. If that sounds overwhelming, don’t take the job!

Coaches are the current model for great managers. They are hands-on, communicative and focus on helping those around them perform better.

Companies, if you’re still running performance reviews for anything more than raise qualifications stop.

Procedures need to be evaluated for their purpose otherwise you’re in jeopardy of upholding tradition for tradition’s sake.

Consistent feedback is better.

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