Safe Warehouse – Safe Workers

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When it comes to keeping your workers safe, there are many simple ways to organize your warehouse. A safe worker is a happy worker. Even if you think you have your safety legislation covered, there are always ways to improve!

Be Bright – Be Seen

The best way to ensure worker safety right off the bat is to insist on the wearing of hi-visibility vests and hard hats where required. You may wish to choose the brightest option possible as opposed to the standard. Your staff safety is paramount, and by selecting a more vivid color, it will go a long way to help your staff stand out.


Installing guardrails will be a necessity especially if you intend to use forklift trucks or ride-on pallet trucks. Guardrails positioned on ramps or corners will slow down your vehicle operatives and force them to concentrate in these areas where manoeuvring space is tight, and accidents may occur more frequently. As an added advantage, drivers will not be able to drift into pedestrian walkways, reducing the risk of such collisions.

Cutting Through The Red Tape

You will already understand that keeping your pedestrian staff well away from your vehicle, forklift operators or PFlow VRCs, is paramount when it comes to avoiding dangerous collisions and preventing accidents.  With floor tape, implementing safe traffic routes or marked lanes needn’t be complicated nor expensive. Make sure to mark out defined areas for pedestrians and ensure vehicles keep to their designated zones. By using tape, you can also very easily and quickly rearrange the warehouse should a  layout change be required after purchasing new equipment or if you require a new area to work in.

Clear The Aisles

Remove the clutter and clear the trash. Not only is it unsightly but these are the primary factors when considering risk and avoiding hazards. Fire risk is significantly increased where there is fuel gathered to feed a breakout. Loose waste packaging not only is a trip hazard to pedestrians but can also get under the wheels of any warehouse vehicles, causing slips which may lead to collisions. Keeping the area clean is a simple yet most effective way of reducing risk, upholding the ideals of good health and safety and increasing efficiency. It’s also an elementary rule to implement with the help of your Managers and the cooperation of your employees.

Safety Signs

It’s important to display as much information as possible to alert workers to potential dangers and which precautionary steps to take to avoid them. Safety signs take care of this directly and inexpensively and are a legal requirement in most warehouses.  Ensure you have adequate signage, which should be placed wherever a risk a posed. It is essential, however, not to go over the top as employees may become blase over the amount and the importance of the signs may be lost in the mire.

They could also be considered a distraction to drivers.

Team Meetings

Although not something that is essential in the overall safety plan, regular team meetings can be one of the more efficient ways of distributing information on any new risks or any changes to your Safety policies within your corporation. The benefit is two-fold, allowing not only the dissemination of such information but encouraging a team responsibility and awareness for each other. It will also reinforce the commitment of the company that it’s employees health and wellbeing are paramount to the Management. When employees feel valued, then productivity is increased.

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