How to Create Strong Content


If you read enough digital marketing posts a common theme emphasized is creating strong content for your readers. Writing is a developed skill, but you may be surprised how to improve it.

Put a time limit on it.

Wait, wouldn’t that pressure you into making mistakes? How can your creative juices flow on demand? What if I can’t come up with new ideas?

Let me address those concerns.

Any form of communication is a discipline. If you want to be a better writer, write more. When I first started doing an e-newsletter almost 10 years ago, it took me hours to perfect it. But over time what I noticed is I gave myself less time to complete the task. Now I spend closer to 30 minutes to do an article and if I don’t schedule a time; I just write when an idea pops in my head. Your best work should be ahead of you. You don’t want to publish crap, but you’re also not aiming for perfection.

Creativity simmers best under pressure. People learn best through stories. If you can use a personal example to illustrate a point do it. Here’s some advice that benefitted me: watch this TED Talk. Believe it or not, creativity happens usually two ways: when you not thinking about it and within structure. I get my best ideas in the car, so I carry post-its and a pen on hand. Also I schedule times in my iPhone to write regardless if I have ideas. Whatever I learned recently or pops in my head first initiates the typing. Try it. You get better over time.

Let’s face it there are no new ideas, just recycled ones. Take for instance Uber. They didn’t invent driver-free transportation, but they did disrupt the industry. In fact, it’s better to re-invent off a familiar context rather than attempt to create a new category. People have a hard time understanding a new concept if they can’t build schema off a previous idea.  When it comes to content people are attracted to the way you think (that’s your voice). The clearer you can articulate that, the better chance you have connecting to a wide audience.

So if you want to create strong content, just start. You know you’ve made progress when you can look at your old work and laugh at how far you’ve come.

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