The Tangible Benefits of Rest


We live in such a busy world that “resting” can be considered a waste of time. But if you look at the example of an athlete, there’s 3 parts that make him/her successful: training, performing and resting.

Resting? Yup. Training and performing takes a toll on you physically, emotionally and mentally, so rest is crucial for repair, recovery and rejuvenation. ¬†Take for instance a sprinter. The amount of training and rest they do far outweighs the actual performance time. That’s because if you’re too tired to perform, you can’t do it at a high level.

9 hours of sleep per night is what’s recommended, but also 10-15 minute breaks for every 90-120 minutes worked is needed throughout the day. A lot of us pride ourselves on our ability to multi-task, but that’s actually more myth than skill set. The brain is only set up to accomplish one thing at a time. Therefore an overworked brain equals more mistakes. During this 8 week course we’ll brainstorm ways to help put “rest” back into your life…for good.

2 thoughts on “The Tangible Benefits of Rest

  1. Great Post! Many disregard the importance of getting proper rest. Sometimes we work so much we don’t realize just how taxing our jobs are, even if we sit at a desk all day. Getting the proper amount of rest can make us feel fresh and revived as well as have a sharper focus.

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