Winsight Episode 3: The Importance of Goliath



The original Goliath in the Bible was a defeated in a huge upset by David and ever since then the underdog has become the fan favorite.

In this episode I’d like to pose the argument why we all need “Goliaths” in our lives through the following points:

  • How Nike leads the pack and everyone else benefits from them
  • The Tiger effect and how he is bigger than the sport itself
  • Why dominance in sports is good and parody is bad
  • Why identifying your personal Goliath is important and how your legacy depends on it

Who or what is your Goliath? Share how you have overcome this figure in the comments below and you’ll inspire someone else to do the same!

david and goliath, bible, facing giants, the need for goliath, winsight podcast, bigger competition

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