Why You Need a Side Hustle

Everyone needs a side hustle. It’s not optional, it’s mandatory. Why?

Here are 3 reasons:

1. The Economy has changed forever

2.  You can’t put all your eggs in one basket

3.  Boredom

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Currently, we’re in an economic recession, but your professional life going forward will never be the same. The definition of “security” (or the perception of) has changed. Long gone are pensions, retirement and 401k’s. Entering in is a longer “working” life, less long-term benefits and uncertainty. We live in a world where if you’re not looking over your shoulder for competition, you’re getting passed up yesterday. You need a side hustle because you never know when the rug will get pulled out from under you. This leads to my next point.

Just like you wouldn’t put all your assets into one stock, when it comes to your career you need to “diversify your portfolio.” Stay with the “stable” job that pays the bills, but in your free time work on your side business. The more passionate you are about monetizing a hobby, the better chance you have of turning your side gig into the main gig. Even if you never leave your primary job, it helps to have a secondary/passive income. Business is about selling (experiences and networking too) so the quicker you learn that skill, the faster you’ll see results.

That being said, we’re victims of an instant gratification society. Nothing keeps our attention for long. We’re all a little A.D.D.. So if you’re not pursuing your next “new shiny object” you’re setting yourself up for complacency and boredom. You and I are wired for: mastery, autonomy and purpose (according to Dan Pink). Translation: if you’re not able to chase your dream(s) and do it “your way,” there will always be some internal discontent.

So stop thinking about it and do something! If you haven’t started, start! If you’ve already started, keep going! When you make it a priority to always pursue your side hustle, it guarantees forward movement and personal growth. If you’re stuck and need some help moving, let’s talk.

In fact I’m offering a FREE Webinar tomorrow “Start your Side Hustle in 3 Easy Steps!“, you should check it out!

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