Job Search: Culture Trumps Position

In today’s economy, you can’t stop “looking.” That means whether you’re employed or unemployed there’s always room to upgrade. Like my friend Wing Lam, owner of Wahoo’s Fish Taco, said, “What job is secure?
Here are several reasons why looking for the right culture is more important than the actual position:

Culture aligns a company towards its mission, vision and goals.

Culture is an extension of the company’s core values. That means how people behave.

Culture will determine your working conditions: resources provided & people around you.

Culture reveals how much collaboration and cohesion between departments is encouraged.

Culture says how you will be supported and rewarded a.k.a. motivated.
Culture shows how long you will stay.

Companies such as Google, Zappos and Facebook are starting a trend where company cultures attract the best talent. It’s no secret that new offices are popping up everywhere highlighting the perks of working with them. Sure, it’s harder to get in, but since the standards have been raised, the quality of the worker has improved. This isn’t saying position isn’t important, it is. What’s more important is culture.

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