The High Cost of Not Keeping Your Word

Is it just me or have we become a society that doesn’t value keeping our word? 

Are we commitment phobic or just plain selfish? Nowadays promising something doesn’t always mean you’ll follow through. Why is that?
Is there no honor in doing what you say? What effect does it have on others? How does it affect your reputation?

In your career, how does your boss and co-workers view you if you don’t follow through with what you say you will do?

With your friends, what consequences arise when you flake out?
Not keeping your word is NOT the same as an emergency or about being “perfect.” 
People will let you down. It’s human nature. Expect perfection and you’ll be disappointed. 
Everyone is busy, but that’s not an excuse. Have the decency to let others know if plans have changed. At the core of this issue is trust. Your reputation is at stake. Without it, what do you have? 
It’s much more than job performance, being a good friend or making mistakes. 

This is controllable. Before you speak, think about what you say. Don’t make a promise you can’t fulfill. The cost is too high… 

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