Your Choice: Respect vs. Liked

As a Leader, how do you balance being respected vs. being liked?”
Here are my thoughts:

Leadership is getting things done through people.
If respected, you may not be liked…
If liked, you may not be respected…
Which one can you live with?

Everyone wants to be liked, but sometimes you care so much you become a people pleaser. In your attempt to gain approval, you fail to take a stance. You become “dust in the wind”, blown in the direction of others’ opinions.
In order to gain respect, you make the best decision which can be the unpopular one. By choosing what is right, you may loose favor.
If you’re disliked because you don’t “go with the flow”, live with it. Life is not a popularity contest.
Most leaders make the mistake of trying to do both. The happy medium is doing what’s best for your people and living with the consequence(s) of your decision.
Value people, but honor the purpose behind your decisions more than the acceptance of them.

Today, ask yourself…

Do YOU desire to be respected or liked?

Comment please!

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