The Entitled One

“How” LeBron James handled his free agency decision was heavily criticized. So what leadership lessons can we learn from his mistakes?
Respect the Game
You are not bigger than your career. Treat others with respect. Abide by the rules and don’t expect special treatment. Be part of something greater than yourself. Respect the game and it will respect you back.
We vs. Me

Surround yourself with strong players, but crucial times call for leaders to step up. Within your team, individual ownership must be taken. Be willing to accept responsibility for your mistakes. Take initiative, absorb the consequences and move forward.
When possible, choose face-to-face or a phone conversation as the way to communicate. Don’t rely solely on social media, it can dilute the quality of your communication. Misinterpretation occurs when layers such as non-verbal cues, emotions and tone are removed. Improve your interpersonal skills and you have a distinct advantage over the competition.
Entitlement means you believe you deserve special treatment. Earn the respect of your colleagues by working hard. Lead by example and let your actions speak about your values.

How do YOU deal with entitlement?

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