The Leadership Workout

My goal is to be a mentally, emotionally and physically “fit” leader. How do you train for that? What does that look like? Train like a V.I.P.!
VisualizeWhat is your desired outcome? Winners start their day by identifying goal(s). Prioritizing what’s important will make you more efficient. Try story-boarding your daily tasks using a whiteboard. We comprehend better through visual imagery.

Initiate – Get started, but plan for distractions. Your ability to manage your emotions determines effectiveness. Next time you get distracted, label (negative feelings) and re-frame (re-interpret positively). Changing your interpretation changes the outcome.
Perform – Execution is the result of preparation. Visualizing creates an urgency and alertness to achieve the task. Initiating action activates momentum. When your mind is clear of distractions, your body can perform at it’s optimal level.
Athletes train and rest better than executives. As a professional, put more emphasis on mental and emotional development for better results. A Strong Mind + Strong Emotions = Strong Performance.
Do YOU prepare for optimal performance?

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