How to be an Organic Leader

What does organic mean to you? How does it apply to leadership? Let’s look at three examples of where organic is better:

Produce – Organic products cost more because of their strict guidelines. As a leader, do you hold yourself to the highest standards? Doing the right thing is worth more in the long run than taking shortcuts.

Growth – In business, this refers to expansion. Personally it means, what are you doing to better yourself? What can you tangibly measure 6 months from now to prove to yourself that you’ve grown as a leader? You can only lead others to the extent that you lead yourself.
Organization – Flat organizations disperse power. Great teams share information. Organic leaders trust people and empower others to do their best. On a scale of 1 – 10, how well do you develop others? Start thinking about how you’re going to make everyone around you successful.
Organic leaders serve with the highest standards, teach what they have learned and make others better around them.
How can YOU be a more organic leader?

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