Who’s Leading You?

Leading others is important, but who’s leading you?
You can only lead others to the extent that you can lead yourself.
Whether you are a current leader or aspire to be one, focus on developing yourself before you try to change others. Great leaders challenge themselves. Personal growth is a never ending journey.
Self-leadership is the process of influencing oneself to establish the self-direction and self-motivation needed to perform.
On a scale of 1 – 10, how hard do you push yourself? What will it take to get to the next level?
Your ability to influence yourself determines how effectively you lead others.
Start leading yourself the way you want to lead others…
What are you doing to lead YOU today?

4 thoughts on “Who’s Leading You?

  1. Pushing myself has been a hard balance to find, i seem too hard then too easy many days. Its amazing what your self expectations will do to form you into be being good or great! How hard should we motivate? How should you plan to just relax and smile?!

  2. Daniel, I think it's a tough balance for an achiever like you. I'm sure you are very goal oriented, which is great, but other areas of your life can get out of whack when all your energy is in one area. Sounds like working with a coach is in your future!

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